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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marti's Musings: "Mimi? I just want you to know..."

Ok, there  are days that I am perfectly content with the way things are, RVing on weekends (such as this gorgeous one, as I sit under our awning typing this) and vacations.. then there are days that I get a(HUGE) tug from the precious grandtreasures, such as this:

Phone rings. Grandson, Andrew aged 6 years, is calling to talk to his Mimi and Pa.  I get on the phone and he says "Mimi? I just want you to know we are moving to South Carolina and I will never see you again." (said with matter-of-factness, with a slight quiver in his voice).

 My response: "Andrew?  Of course you will see us again.  We will come and visit you, just like we do where you live now (NJ)"  What I WANTED to say was: "'Of course you will see us again!  We are retiring and going to move there with you!  We have already researched the area, and there is a big, beautiful campground just a few minutes away!"

 The actual conversation continued for several minutes, me explaining how much we love him, and no matter WHERE he lives, we will come to visit him, because we love him and his brother so much. Of course, Andrew with his wise beyond years mind, asks about Africa, and how long would it take us to go there?  (thankfully, I KNOW his parents have no plans to move to Africa; typical for Andrew, he was processing and testing out my I-will-come-to-visit-you-where-ever-you-are-theory). Thankfully, the conversation ended happily - we talked about his new house, hopefully with a built in pool; new friends and he was fine when we said good-bye.  Yes, HE was fine, but his Mimi and Pa were more than a little choked up that he was afraid he would never see us again.

 That conversation has played in my mind endlessly since he called, a mere 4 days ago.  And it is at times like that, it makes me ready to throw in the towel and say: "ok, that's it... grandtreasures.. HERE WE COME!"  For now, I must be content with the phone calls, the video chats (you DO know about SKYPE and Window video chatting, right?), playing games with them online (UNO being the favorite) and counting down the days til the next visit. (13 as of today for the boys, and 3 months for the girls).  The plans are still being worked out, but kids?  That day will come..... 


  1. Heh heh don't ya just love those little wee ones??

    When we went for 5 weeks to Florida, we used Skype to keep in touch with the grandson. When we got back, he was confused as to why was Granmuddah in the room with him, instead of in the computer screen!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Karen, what a riot! Isn't it fun to get creative and inventive on staying in touch? ~Marti