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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marti's Musings: A weekend away and settling in

As Paul posted, we spent Father's Day weekend with our good friends Mike and Terri.  We had a great time with them - good food, good fellowship!

But, I must admit something....

Remember we have been cleaning/sorting/selling/trashing our 'stuff'?  And remember that we have made several trips to the RV for stuff to use on the road? 

Yeah, well - I was dreading leaving our now gorgeously clean/organized/beautiful home for the RV that had: both couches, the seats at the table, and stuff in the 'toad' - all to be ........... sorted/organized/trashed (yup, the first culling out of the RV stuff) .....  After a typically long week at work, facing the RV without so much as a place to sit... ugh ugh ugh.  Does it never end?

We arrived (late, thanks to me leaving work late having 2 reports due) and headed out to eat with Mike and Terri to their favorite local Mexican restaraunt.  yumm!  After dinner, we chatted (in their rig, of course!) and by the time we headed back to our rig, it was time to hit the sack.  Saturday morning I hit the chores hard, and voila! We had our couches back, our dining seats, a load of wash in (fresh sheets, of course!) - and a huge feeling of relief and success!

Of course, I am not the photographer, so I forgot to take before/after pics.  But suffice it to say, the Journey is now:  clean/organized/sorted and gorgeous!  woo hoo!

Admittedly, it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.  The hardest part was finding places for my craft supplies (a goal of mine is to return to crafting!) - we do need to work on a safe place for the electronics (laptops, cameras, video cameras) but all in all - this is NOTHING compared to what we just went through the past several months.

Sure can't wait til we are able to stay in the rig and not have to bounce back and forth between two lives/homes!  We have had 2 nibbles on the home, with the open house scheduled next weekend.  Hopefully we will get a bite, as nibbles are mere teases!



  1. One of the great things about living in an RV is how fast you can clean up and be on the road, no matter how messy it was just an hour before :)

  2. You've sure come a long way! It's so great to hear you have nibbles. It won't be long now. It's great cleaning up an RV, only 1/2 for full total cleaning. (at least the pink jobs).

  3. congrats on getting the 'home on wheels' organized in no time flat!..I can hardly wait until we have just one house to worry about it!..and make it one that moves down the road and I will be a happy camper!!

  4. One of the BIG things I love about living in Winnona is how quickly she can be cleaned and straightened. Of course the flip side of that is how easily things can get messy. :-)

    When ARE you and Paul going to retire? I am just too worn out with all the double working you two are doing. It may start to affect my hiking if you don't get out of those jobs soon. :-))


  5. Sounds like you made great progress!! Hope the house goes quickly and you can simplify your life!

    Enjoy the journey :o))

  6. I'm thrilled to hear you have a couple nibbles! Hopefully the open house will generate some interest as well.

  7. Get your resignation letter ready Marti. It won't be long now!

  8. Hope the realtor can set the hook on one of those nibbles!!!, Here's to a quick sale.

    Crafting supplies, watch out Paul pretty soon you won't have a place to hang your I can't open a cabinet anywhere without finding yarn or quilting stuff!!!

  9. just got our third contract on our house and hope the third time is charm...

  10. Fingers crossed that it sells quickly, it is great not to have to load and unload the RV.

  11. It is truly incredible to have witnessed your journey over the past many many months as you prepare for the big change in your lives. Boy have you two come a long way on your journey. It is close now! Whoo Hoooooo!!!!!