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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogger Testing My Patience

 I know, I know, you get what you pay for.  Blogger, for the most part works pretty good for me...most of the time.  However, every once and a while, it seems to go off with a mind of its own and does things for seemingly no rhyme or reason.

Recently, there seemed to be many of us that were having problems posting comments on other people's blogs.  Sometimes the comment would disappear when you hit the post button, other times you'd end up in a repetitious cycle that kept sending you to your account sign in page. 

Investigation revealed two issues, one was that blog owners had their security settings too restrictive, the other was that Internet Explorer 9 users (of which I am/was one) were having the problems with incompatible programs to work in Blogger.  The recommended fix was to switch to another Internet browser.  I switched to Google Chrome on my Toshiba laptop and it seemed to correct the issue of commenting posts.   Marti uses FireFox on her Hewlett Packard laptop with great success.

The funny thing is our desktop PC in our den still has the old IE8 browser and it posts comments just fine.  Another mystery of bytes, bits and the assorted electrons that move all the zeros and ones around.

Now, on to the next, newest mystery.  On my blog and on many other blogs that I read, I'm getting the dreaded red "X" where pictures should be.  With both IE9 and Goggle Chrome.  Yet, Marti doesn't get the problem with FireFox. 

I'm scratchin' my noggin here.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Or have you been able to find a fix to resolve the loss of pictures?  I hate to miss out on some of the great photos that bloggers put in their blogs for all of us to enjoy.

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  1. that is weird!..maybe your internet is just not loading the page properly?..who's free..what do we expect?..perfection?..but of course!!

  2. I'm sure you've already tried this, but it's all I've got :)
    When that happens to me, I do a hard reboot and it seems to fix it.
    Wish I had more...

  3. I use firefox and am not having problems with pictures. Sometimes my comments disappear into thin air. But not too often. Good luck.

  4. There are only two things I can think of that *might* be causing may have exceeded your storage capacity on Picasa (or Google Photos) or maybe your security settings on the photos are not set to public. Good luck.

  5. I do have a couple of blogs that I can no longer comment on. I tried changing my security to no avail. So I guess I need to change from Explorer. Maybe it's Explorer we should be frustrated with. Haven't seen any red Xs yet.

  6. I've been using Chrome and it seems to work the best....

  7. I am a Firefox user for a long time. Generally no problems. However, the last week or so, having some comment posting problems which I contribute to living in an electronic hole in Dayton and a deep black hole here in Salvisa, KY:)

  8. Have you considered Wordpress?

    I have used Wordpress both as a Wordpress blog as well as a self-hosted blog with my own WP install and I have been quite happy.

    It's different, but quite usable.


    Peter (

  9. Blogger definitely drives me nuts as well although at the moment (knock knock) I'm having no problems posting, commenting or viewing. I have EI8. Don't know what to suggest but I have thought many a time about switching to both Wordpress and a MAC since both of them seem to work much better. I just never seem to enough MACBUCKS.

  10. I have used FireFox for years. I have not had any problems (knock on wood).

  11. I suggest you use Chrome or Opera on Blogger. Firefox is good but there are times that it's having some problems on blog sites. Opera is very user-friendly; you can also install it on your cellphone so that you can browse the net even when traveling on your RV.