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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Walk In The Park

With all the nonsense and aggravation of firing the old realtors, the fun and games of picking a new one and getting the house re-listed, we welcomed the chance for a weekend getaway to Bull Run Regional Park campground for the weekend.

I had a minor maintenance item to take care of on the Journey before I started the engine.  If you recall when we returned from our Branson trip, I found the lower radiator hose clamp was leaking antifreeze from the diesel engine's radiator.  I had picked up some heavy duty clamps and extra antifreeze to get everything squared away.

I unlocked the Journey's door and was greeted by a visitor.

Yep, it's a Stink Bug.  I chased him out the door, hopefully he won't return with more friends.  Last year the Journey was infested with them, they decided they liked it as winter quarters.  We had quite a battle to eradicate them, but we won in the end.  I don't want to have to deal with that again.

I crawled under the rear of the Journey to deal with the errant hose clamp.  This is the damaged clamp that was leaking before I tightened it.  You can see it doesn't even line up straight.  I didn't want to chance it loosening up again, it was too worn to trust.

To remove and replace the clamp without causing another antifreeze leak, I opened up the new clamp,

then put it around the hose,

and snugged it lightly down next to the old clamp.  Then I removed the old clamp.  Finally I re-loosened the new clamp, repositioned it on the hose and tightened it down snug.

You can see the difference between the old clamp and the new $1.38 clamp.  You wonder why manufacturers scrimp on things like this.

Next I had to replace the antifreeze that was lost when the clamp leaked.  I bought two gallons of antifreeze premixed 50 percent antifreeze/50 percent distilled water.  It is special antifreeze that contains additives that prevent corrosion inside the cooling jacket of diesel engines.

I opened the cap on the coolant recovery tank,

and poured in a gallon of the antifreeze right up to the full (cold) mark on the tank.  You can see the level is right to the tip of the arrow indicating where the level should be.

I'll have to take the Journey for a bit of a ride later this week to get the engine hot enough for the thermostats (yes, Cat diesels use two of them) to get the proper level.  The drive from the storage lot to the campground is about a mile and no way is that far enough to get the engine to operating temperature.

Marti mentioned the great time we had meeting Erin and Mui.  But besides visiting with them and going out to dinner, we did other things besides lay around, read and relax.  We even took some walks around the park.  On one of the jaunts, we saw something we've never seen before.

Strapped to this motorhome's ladder is a bumper.  It was from their tow car.  I think they had to remove it from their compact car that they towed on a dolly.  I don't think they could get it on the dolly without damaging it.  I guess you could call that thinking out-of-the-box.

Or maybe the owner is not the best driver and knocked the bumper off.  Why do I think this?

Yep, the dreaded tail swing reached out and met an immovable object.  Ouch!

Just one more thing.  Is anyone having a problem posting comments on some blogs and not others?  I am, Blogger is being difficult again and checking into the  Blogger "Help" page shows that it has to do with people's security settings.  If you find your comments have fallen off lately or you haven't seen intelligent and witty comments (like mine) on your blog for a while, double check you security settings and see if they have somehow changed. 

I have my security settings set to the lowest level, I welcome all comments, even ones that tell me to go take a flying leap off a cliff.  ;c)

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I used to have that problem with commenting before I switched to Chrome as a browser. And I would certainly miss your comments so I am hoping you figure out the problem before it effects

  2. No problems that I know of :) 'cept yours on OUR page!
    I've been seeing lots of stink bugs already this year. I hate 'em!

  3. This intelligent and witty comment actually is a test to make sure all my blog friends can leave a comment okay.

  4. That is an interesting maintenance item. I have a friend that just lost his cooling hose due to a rusted clamp.

    since I am having my annual service next week, I will add a closer look at clamps and belts:)

  5. Makes you wonder what in the world they ran into. Glad you got away for the week-end. and I think your comments are posting to my blog. Now I need to go check.

  6. I've had problems in the past but updated some of my stuff. I also read a blog today that explained how to eliminate that. I'll email it to you.

  7. nice work on your repair job..and as for getting to meet Erin and Mui? jealous!!!!!..they are one of the ones on the top of our list of must meets..besides the two of you of course!!!!

  8. Your comment on my blog came through just fine. Thanks.

  9. You probably haven't left any comments on our blog since we have really been lacking in our posts...too busy or too lazy whichever we are just not as diligent as we once were...we are hoping to update soon and then we will look forward to your comments!

  10. The back end of that Bounder reminds me of a bout we had with a tree in Santa Barbara. The tree won :-( It was our maiden voyage and had yet to learn about that nasty rear end swing.

  11. You know, we were so fascinated by the bumper on the ladder, that we never even noticed the boo-boo on the coach. Hmmm; investigator blood is running through someone's veins :-)

  12. Thanks for the tip on the coolant.

  13. Well, not much left to say, so guess I'll just tell you to take a flying leap off a cliff...but be sure to take a parachute! :)

  14. Stink Bug infestation!!! We'll take the couple of ants we find now and then....:)
    I do have problems posting comments on some blogs

  15. Whoever thought about carrying an extra bumper around just in case you might need it??! We probably wouldn't think of that. Don't like any type of bug infestation either. We'll let them stay with you 'cuz we don't want them.

  16. Looks like no one is having trouble posting comments to your blog!

    Glad I'm one of the ones who is not missing out on your witty insightful comments on mine!

    I wish I could ask you to stop giving me more things to check on my coach but you've saved me some troubles in the psst so I guess I'll thank you instead.

  17. I think I've fixed the problem with my posting at my blog thanks to Rick's help. I've missed you so probably mine was one that you couldn't post on. Stink Bugs Stink! Hope you don't get another infestation.

  18. I changed my security settings to the lowest level on allow comments. Hope that works.
    You are a better person than I am I would have left the old clamp after I tightened it- my policy being if it is not broken don't fix it.

  19. Knock on wood -- we haven't seen any stink bugs since we left Virginia. Maybe they don't like it out here in the midwest, which is fine with us!!

  20. Ouch, that looks like it hurt.

    We did this just a tiny bit with our already. Was able to buff out the mark it make on our Motorhome Bumper.

    Lauree and I have only 10 days left of our 5 month trip. Headed home to Texas Next week.

    Look forward to following your Blog.