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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Color

We like color.  We've been able to, over the years, plant different types of flowering bushes, flowers and trees so we have something blooming around the house mostly all through three seasons.  Fall is no different, along our entrance walk we have these flowers that have just popped.

What are they?  I haven't a clue, Marti is the authority on flower names.  I do know what these are, though.  Knock Off Roses.

All the flowers give the front of the house an inviting look.

There are some colors that annoy me, though.  Remember yesterday's picture of the front lawn after I got up all the leaves?

This is the colorful view that greeted me this morning.

Of course, it was raining, too so I have to wait for the rain to stop and the leaves dry so I can pick them up with my tractor.  One step forward, two steps back.

Another funny thing happened yesterday, I had no sooner posted to our blog about the unplanned realtor visit when the doorbell rang again.  Yep, another realtor with more clients to show the house.

Our realtor has a company that calls us when there is a request by a realtor to show the house.  The call is also followed up by an email asking permission.  I never received any calls this time and the emails arrived forty minutes after the scheduled time for the realtor's showing.

So again I gave the nickle tour, the second couple seemed very interested.  Of course it's hard to read people's minds, but the fortune cookie that came with my lunch today said:

"Your dreams will come true when you least expect it".

I guess the trick will be to give up on expecting the house to sell.  ;c)

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  1. Why don't you make like a tree, and leaf? :)

  2. I have watched several others go thru this "waiting fo the house to sell." All I can add is that even in a slow market it WILL SELL eventually.

    Just hang in there.

    Yes it's nice to keep the leaves cleared up in a residential area, but I can guarantee that leaves on the grass would not be a deal breaker on a sale, If he right buyer should come along. Don't sweat it. Plan a trip.

  3. That's 2 showings in a very short time and then a POWERFUL fortune cookie... I believe the stars are aligning for you;o))

    But just so you know, the rose is a Knockout Rose...not a Kock Off Rose;o)) But hey, a rose by any name is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. I like your fortune cookie and am a firm believer in its message :)

    Your new realtor seems to be doing something right. You seem to be getting a lot of showings.

    Fingers crossed and wine awaiting :)

  5. Guess you'd better let your realtor know that the "service" isn't informing you by phone and is a tad after the fact by email. UNLESS perhaps you are a better salesman AND you can get a feel for how much they like the house. Then just keep mum.

    I personally think the flowers look fantastic, so does the house and the leaves IMO add to the beauty. It's not like they are 6" deep and cover the lawn. I wouldn't sweat it.

    Fingers still crossed!!

  6. The flowers look great and I agree, a few leaves just make it look like fall.

  7. I believe the flowers in the first picture are Mums. I agree with everybody on the leaves - certainly not something that would keep people from buying. But I don't have OCD.

  8. You continue to get a ton of traffic which is very encouraging. Don't give up hope -- especially with that kind of a fortune cookie!

  9. I like your fortune cookie and I agree with Merikay. It will sell. The hard part is waiting. Your house is gorgeous and has great appeal. The right person will be along and very soon.

  10. hope you have some fun raking up the leaves!!!..and that your dream comes true when you least expect it!!

  11. Raking leaves ... raking in buyers ... hmmm ... could there be a parallel? I had a realtor scare the you know what out of me one day ... he had called while I was out walking and I hadn't yet checked messages when I heard the door unlock behind me. Not sure who was more surprised!