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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank You All, And An Appeal For Tech Help

We are overwhelmed and humbled for all the kind words and emails we've received from y'all on our news about our contract.  It means so much to us to know how many folks have been keeping us in their thoughts and prayers as well as keeping their fingers and toes crossed for us.  Hopefully you'll be able to straighten out those digits with no long term damage. ;c)

Your support helped us keep going when we got discouraged after over 33 showings of the house to find that one couple that loved our house as much as we do, and weren't put off by an unfinished basement. (lol).

We now are getting set up to go through the appraisals and inspections, as well as sending some furniture and special items to our kids in NJ and SC.  We have notified the estate sale company so we've got to get the sale of all our remaining furniture and things taken care of.  We close on the 28th of November and are planning on moving fulltime into our Journey mid month.

So many details that we'll have to have a spread sheet to take care of them all.  But none of the details require the use of a paintbrush (phew!).

Now, for all you technically inclined computer gurus, I have been having a problem posting pictures on our blog.  It started as a picture or two not showing after posting to the blog, instead I got the red X.  I also got the red X on a few pictures on other people's blogs.  Even more strange, on my little pictures of blog followers, most are there, but three of four are the red X, as well as our profile picture.

Now it's gotten progressively worse.  I can't get any of my pictures to post, either from my Picasa albums or downloaded from the Internet.  I can't do it in either of my browsers, IE9 or Google Chrome.

I've tried the old rebooting the computer trick, with no resolution.  I have plenty of picture storage space and my photos are sized right, so I'm really confused, more so than I normally am.

If any of you have an idea of how to solve this, I'd be forever grateful.  I don't want to start on our Journey and not have any pictures to share!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment.

I just tried to post our license plate and it worked.  Checking my blog shows no more red Xs, so maybe it was a Blogger issue.  I'm really stumped now, I'll have to watch to see if the problem solved itself with no help from me. That could be a good thing, I'd probably have melted my hard drive or something... ;c)


  1. Well, I have no idea-no big surprise there:) I use the KISS method of posting. I use the blogger editor and post the pictures directly from my computer. The only thing I do out of blogger is write the text of the blog in MS word and than copy and paste. It works every time.

    I use Firefox as a browser.

  2. No help here either. I use live writer and everything just uploads and publishes when I hit the button. So exciting that you are going to be coming out on the road with us.

  3. You didn't delete the original pictures from Picasa did you? Rick posted something about that a few days ago. If you do that, all the pics on your blog will also go away.

    I'm so happy about your house sale. You really don't have much time!

    Our closing date got delayed a couple times because the lenders needed more info from the buyers. It was a little stressful at the time because we were afraid the deal would fall through. It didn't and we really did need the extra time!

    Congrats! See you down the road!

  4. It's Microsoft's Live Writer and Google's Picasa 3.8 photo editing program for us here at the Bayfield Bunch and so far so little red X's. Touch wood of course..........

  5. My guess is your problems are blogger problems or at least that's been the case for me, mostly.

    I did switch to using live writer and that helped a lot. I also updated from IE7 to IE8 which also helped. I drag my heels on MS updates since they never seem to get anything straightened out until version 1.9 or so. LOL

    Problems out of the blue usually mean someone changed something but it wasn't you and you are left to try to figure it out with no help of course since all Google and MS programs come with pretty much NO support.

    Wishing you Smooth saleing (pun intended) with all the inspections and estate sales and setting up the Journey.

  6. If you have a Google+ account, I would suggest having a hangout with Rick. He really seems to enjoy helping out us non-technical people in a crisis. If all else fails, email him. :)

  7. Wow -- congratulations! We moved from our stick and bricks home to our RV full time in mid-November. It was actually really a great time to do it! :)

  8. Big time Congratulations again on your upcoming life change! It'll be fantastic.

    Can't help on your techie question. I also use Live Writer and upload pictures and text with it.

  9. Been offline here for a day or two while we traveled south and sure was glad to get hooked up and see that you have a solid contract on your house sale. Now you can get out on the road and come visit us here at Dogpound South. We must be on the way to somewhere.

  10. Google has been going through a lot of changes lately. Hopefully, it was them.
    With some luck, it'll correct itself and you can concentrate on moving and celebrating :)

  11. email Rick..he is the 'man'!!!..hope all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed in no time flat!!

  12. Missed yesterdays post. Congratulations on the sale.
    Let your new life begin, you are going to love it.

  13. I get the red x's when I have a slow internet connection. I can't believe that would be your problem, but just putting it out there. Just because you see red x's doesn't mean we do. How about a test? Put a picture up that show's up to you as a red X and see how many people can see it.

  14. Missed the announcement but congrats on the sale. Glad you are already retired so you have time to deal with the many details of getting the house ready for closing. Bet you are excited to hit the road.

  15. Yeehaw! I'm so excited for you!
    I agree with many of the others, that Rick is "da man."
    I use Microsoft's Live Writer and Google's Picasa 3.8 and have had no problems.
    Enjoy! K

  16. WOW! what a nice way for us to come back to the world if internet! So happy for you! Now Marti can give notice! Whoopee, Marti!

    We'd love to be in your position right now!

  17. Hurray!

    I upload all my photos to Photobucket (just happened to be the service I chose), then use the code when I post pictures. I did it that way in case I ever abandon Blogger (I dream of it daily); the code will work wherever I post it.

  18. Well Congrats to you both on the sale of your Home. We were offline for awhile and took a bit to catch up. I was so happy to read your news. Looking forward to all of your traveling stories and if you ever make it to Arizona please= you have to come and stay a bit with us.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown