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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mysterious Lines Appear On Our Lawn

I came home the other day from bringing Marti her lunch (yes I fill up my retirement days doing strange things) and there were these lines painted across our lawn.

I was curious, made even more so because they were only on our lawn, not any of our neighbor's.

The next day, there were more lines, in different colors.

Finally, it became clear what these lines were all about when this appeared.

Our realtor had called all the utility companies to mark where their underground lines were, electric, gas and cable before he had the "For Sale" sign installed, taking care to not damage the lines when the hole was dug.

This is just another example of why we're pleased with our new realtor, going the extra mile to take care of little details.  Our previous realtor came and hammered in his sign, right where the electric lines were now marked.  Good thing he didn't go too deep, he would have lit up like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.

Our new realtor told us some horror stories of things that happen to them while trying to sell homes.  His company does not allow their realtors to drive the clients because there have been several frivolous lawsuits filed against the company by clients claiming they were injured by the realtor's poor driving.
He also told us about some unscrupulous realtors that put in high end appliances to show the house and while the closing is going on, workers remove the high end appliances and put in the old, junky ones that originally were in the house in the first place.  Sadly, he said it had happened to him personally, despite a final walk through before closing.

We're feeling very optimistic with our new guy, so far in a week now, we've had four showings and another one today, so we're going to see a movie.  Fingers crossed!

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  1. That was a good idea on his part, our realtor put a hole in our sprinkler line:)

  2. We hope you get a buyer real soon.

  3. Fingers are crossed and that bottle of wine is just sitting here waiting for you to give us the sign to uncork it!

  4. Hopefully we all get to celebrate along with you before too long.

  5. Really does sound like you picked a good and contientious realtor.

    I don't see how the sellers could live with themselves knowing their realtor was cheating the buyers. An electric shock for that guy might be an idea.

    Fingers crossed that someone wants a gorgeous new home in which to celebrate the holidays.

  6. Good thing you were not out on the lawn having a Siesta in your lawn chair. Could have ended up with some paint striping on ya. Now, depending on the where the paint lines were you could have either ended up looking like you were ready for the warpath or a circus tent. Good luck with the sale.......:))

  7. We've got our house on For Sale By Owner and so far have been pretty pleased with us. LOL! Good luck -- I hope you get a buyer soon! :)

  8. Well, it sounds like this new realtor is a go getter!! We are wishing very, very hard that you get it sold soon. I think Gail needs to get that wine chilled by the sounds of things;o))

  9. Glad the new Realtor is working out, a good one can make all the difference. Good Luck!!!

  10. I hope you guys have a contract by mid month!!!! Once the house starts showing, it's only a matter of time.
    Our best to you.

  11. Trying to catch up on the rest of your blog. So does this mean when your house sells you will start your fulltiming?

    Just saw you guys became followers of our Blog.
    Thanks for that. I love reading Fulltimer Blogs, and other Partimers and soon to be's like us.

    Good luck on the house sale.

  12. Okay, you've waited long enough for that perfect, qualified buyer to show up. I hope he is just around the corner.

  13. I always say, it only takes One buyer. the right one.

    It will sell, It will sell It will sell.

    Now it will sell.

  14. good luck with the new realtor!..if he works out for you send him our way!!!

  15. What is it they say about an ounce of prevention ... smart move on you realtor's part to have the utility lines marked before installing his sign. The right buyer is out there ... and soon he will appear to make an offer.

  16. Delivering lunch to your wife as a retirement job seems especially nice to me. :)

  17. Keeping fingers crossed for you

    And toes crossed.

    And legs crossed.

    And arms crossed.

    (and eyes crossed and hair crossed and and and)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  18. Are you sure it wasn't aliens marking their landing spot? Next you'll be seeing crop circles.

    Here's hoping for a quick sale!

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