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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bopping Around Disney World

EPCOT at Disney World is a very interesting place.  Along with all the fun, there are many wonderful things for little guys (and their grandparents) to learn. 

We enjoyed the Living Seas, a huge indoor aquarium with all kinds of marine creatures to see and enjoy.


There are all kinds of fish, two manatees, dolphins, turtles and yes, even sharks.  Most of these are safely kept behind thick glass in their tanks.  But a couple got out and of course, Owie and Andrew got a little too close and suffered the consequences.



Owie got off on his own and was picked up by the Galactic Police and thrown into the slammer with some other outer space criminals.  He had to wait for us to spring him.


We had to visit the Lego store in Down Town  Disney.  It’s amazing what they can make out of the little blocks, they even made some life sized models of typical tourists.


We took in a nice lunch at a really cool place to eat.


You’d better stay in line while waiting for your table or you’ll have to answer to this guy.


We enjoyed the food, especially the fresh Buffalo Pterodactyl wings.


One thing spoiled my lunch, they had my former boss on display.  Gave me some indigestion.


We had so much fun at Disney World.  One thing is a touching tribute to Walt Disney.  As he said, “It all started with a mouse”.


We finished up our last night at the Magic Kingdom with a ride on good old Dumbo.


Once again, The End!


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  1. I know I didn't have as much fun as you did but this was definitely a fun read. Thanks Paul.

  2. We've been there but ... let's see .. about 30 years ago. Has it changed at all? We've only been there once but have been to Disneyland many times. Maybe we need to go back. What do you think? Do we need to be escorted by little ones or will they let us in without them? Either way ... sure glad you're having a great time.

  3. You're sure working hard to outdo Judy on last pictures. Glad you had fun.

  4. What a fun filled special time you've had. How long is it going to take you to recover?

  5. I think those boys are having almost as much fun as you are. Speaking of legos, one place I really want to see is Legoland in CA. Unfortunately, I don't have any grandchildren. Can I borrow some?

  6. Those boys were sure having fun hamming it up for the camera. What a great time you've had making memories that will last a lifetime.

  7. Great Photos and Fun Times!!! Makin' Memories!!!

  8. Great fun! It is hard to believe it all started with a mouse :)

  9. everyone is a kid at disney world...I love that place..we haven't been there for a few I'm anxious to visit again and see all the changes...glad you could share it with the grands..

  10. Gotta watch those shark infested waters!

  11. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all! If we took our grandson to that Legos place, he would never leave. We'd have to move in :)

  12. That's an awful shady looking criminal that you sprang out of the big house. ;-)

  13. Wow! Disney is indeed a world of fun! Thanks for sharing your Disney escapade, can't wait for my Disney adventure anymore. Jane