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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flapping Like Mad

Departing our fancy accommodations in Myrtle Beach, we headed up the highway towards New Jersey.  We allowed ourselves the luxury of covering the distance in three days, yep we're learning to slow down.  :c)

We decided to do a short jaunt the first day and check out a military FamCamp at Ft. Bragg, NC, home of those elite soldiers that earn their living jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

We thought the campground would be a short distance off I-95, boy were we wrong.  It was quite a drive, made even more fun by road construction that blocked our turn to the campground with several hundred tons of dirt.  Love road construction.

With the GPS directions out of the question, we wandered around the roads until we finally found the office.  A mere $20 later, we were tucked in for the night in a much more beautiful campground than the one we had just left.  FHUs, 50 amps and nice large cement pads in a heavily wooded setting.  No "ICK" factor here, Sherry would approve.  It was a great stop, just too far from the highway for an overnight stay.

The next morning we found our way out and as we were heading down a road towards I-95 when a huge hawk flew from the side of the road the right in front of us.  Instinctively, we both ducked as the hawk flapped like made to get out of our way.  We were sure we'd hit it, but somehow it gained enough altitude to clear the Journey's roof.  I haven't looked yet to see if there are any tail feathers stuck in the satellite dome.  I'm glad we missed it, I would have been sick if we had hit it.

It happened so fast, there was no time for a picture, but searching on the Internet, I think I've found a picture of it, a Coopers Hawk.

Being we wanted to make some distance on day two, we went into our long drive mode and covered about 450 miles and stopped for the night at a handy Flying J in Maryland, just 120 miles short of our New Jersey goal.

This morning we became something of celebrities as a bus full of British tourists pulled in near us.  You could tell they were from the UK by the flag shirts and hats many of them wore.  They were quite taken with the Journey and in no time we were surround by them, pointing at the slides and awnings and even taking pictures.  They don't have motorhomes like American Class As in England.

I would have invited them in for a look at the inside but Marti was in the shower, if I had done that I'd have been walking the rest of the way to New Jersey.

We arrived at our other "home" at the Naval Weapons Station Earle FamCamp and settled in to a very nice site.  An hour to set up everything and then we were off to see Anabelle and Andrew and Owie, who are visiting today and tomorrow.  Stand by, pictures to come of half of our grandkids.  :c)

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  1. That bird flapping his wings has nothing on you guys. Slow down - yea right!!! Looking forward to those great grand baby pictures.

  2. I'm certainly glad you were discrete enough not to offer the tour. Had you, I suspect there would be one less blog to follow.

  3. Glad to see you are slowing down. Only 450 miles. I would have to lock Brenda in the shower if I did that to often.

  4. While it would have been cool to visit with a busload of tourists from across the pond, I am also sure that inviting them in for a tour while Marty was in the shower would have been suicide for you. Imagine the headlines in England :)

  5. smart move on your part not to let the tourists in!

  6. Good thing you two ducked so that hawk had more clearance to miss you. ;) Just imagine how excited those British tourists would have gotten if you would have taken them to an RV park! Definitely a smart decision on the inside tour. Have fun with the grandkids!

  7. You always come up with the best ones. I'm on Marti's side. Are you sure those tourists were looking at the Journey? Maybe they were seeing something you weren't!! :-) Glad you got that 450 mile short day in. No sense in trying to make it to New Jersey in one day.

  8. Can't wait to see how much Anabelle has grown.

  9. Glad you arrived safe, sound and slower?!?!?! It took us from 2000 to now to learn what going slower really means ;o))

    Enjoy the family and making wonder memories!!!

  10. glad to see your safe and sound once again...can't wait to see pics and how much Anabelle grew :) enjoy your family visit...

  11. Those famcamps sound so nice. Glad you are able to take advantage of so many of them. Too bad for the Brits not to be able to see inside your Journey but good decision on your part!!