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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We arrived at the Naval Weapons Station Earle campground yesterday and got all set up, home again in our New Jersey “Home”.


We got the best site in the campground, it is away from most of the other campers.  The only problem is it is very close to thick trees and the satellite dome couldn’t get a signal.  Reluctantly, I had to drag out my old nemesis, the portable satellite dish.

I’ve struggled with it many times trying to get a signal and on more than one occasion, gave up in defeat.  Since we’re going to be here for three weeks, it was going to be worth whatever effort to get it up and running.

Even though it was morning, due to the heat wave hitting the East coast, I was sweating, somewhat due to the aggravation of setting it up and also due to the 90 degree temperature.

Finally I got a clear signal and locked on to the satellite, with the dish the farthest away from the Journey ever.


I anchored it down and just hope that the grounds men don’t cut my cable when they cut the grass.

Then it was off to see Anabelle.  In no time, she was in Mimi Marti’s arms.


I think she knows she is a cutie.


We had a special bonus, Heather and SIL Brian are up visiting Corey, DIL Amanda and little Anabelle.  That meant Andrew and Owie were there too!  We had to get a picture of all of them together.


That’s half of our six grandkids.  This weekend we’re going to Pennsylvania to see the other half, Taylor, Kierra and Rebekah.

Of course, Marti had to get in the picture.


Too much of a good thing, Anabelle got fed up with all my picture taking.  I guess I’ll have to be more selective in the amount of pictures I take.  ;c)


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  1. All back together again! Stay cool the next couple of's gonna be a scorcher :)

  2. It's tough being a star and having to look beautiful all the time! Better give her some time off for R&R.

    Like I said before, those fam camps. Look at that pad. And the size of that site. The dish looks like it's in another county.

  3. Grandkid time is the very best time!

  4. two halves make a whole!...soon you will see the other half!..nothing like time with your beautiful grandkids!!

  5. Maybe Marti pinched

  6. And, this is the real reason that the RV life is wonderful. We get to pick and choose who we want to be with. Looks like your family is just as lucky as you are. They get to be with you.

    Love the family photos. Anabelle sure gave you a look.

  7. Half and half. Sounds like a whole lot of fun to me.

  8. Paul, a little more cable out and you could have plugged into the kids home receiver.

  9. Anabelle is adorable, and I don't know what it is, but she seems to have such a personality for such a little person.

  10. Mimi sure does look happy to be back with her grandtreasures!

  11. Try an app on your smart phone called DishPointerPro. . .it's awesome for finding a hole in the trees. . .well worth the $19.95. . .

    Cute kiddos!


  12. Happy times just making memories!!! Marti looks SOOOO happy:o))

  13. Marti just can't keep her hands off Anabelle, can she? She's sure growing up.

    Al swears he is never going to use our portable dish ever again.....he absolutely hates it now that we have the automatic rooftop unit. I think we'll be using it next month when we go to SC though....will have to break the news gently to him. :)

  14. I hate the portable dish. I will move the rig 10 times to try to avoid using it.

  15. I like that determination with the satellite dish. Since we don't have a portable one, Ron has to move forward and back until we hit a break in the trees.

  16. butterbean carpenterJune 24, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    Howdy G-ma & G-pa,
    Those boys haven't changed a bit, since last we saw them... Annabel is getting to be a handful; better use an arm, Marti.. G-pa you made her cry!!! Thanx, Paul & Marti!!