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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Onward To The Next Adventure(s)

We had a great time with Andrew and Owen at Disney World, but alas, it was time to leave.  The drive from Disney to the boys home in South Carolina is only about 460 miles, but we broke it up into two days to make it more fun for them.

Right at the halfway mark in Brunswick, GA is a gem of an RV park, right off I-95 at exit 29 (the same exit as the Flying J, how convenient).

It is the Coastal Georgia RV Resort.


I found this park back when I was doing some instructor duties at the nearby Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and would stay in my motorhome instead of hotels.

This RV park is on the same level as Disney’s Fort Wilderness, it is immaculate, well laid out and has nice amenities, without the large crowds.

All the sites are concrete pull throughs and they are large.


We fit in with plenty of room left over.


It has a nice pool/shower/laundry room complex.  Put your wash in and go for a swim.  Makes a dull task easier to do.  ;c)


The main building has the office, a well stocked store with common RV accessories, a game room and a conference room/kitchen.



Marti took the time to contribute to our grandson’s education by teaching them to shoot pool.  She is quite the pool shark.


Andrew took the time to whip my butt in chess (again!).  (The Monopoly Hotel was used as a pawn because one was missing from the chess set, in case you wondered).


The Coastal Georgia RV Resort gives a Good Sam discount.  We paid $37 for the night, which for the East coast is pretty reasonable for a campground.  They have more attractive weekly and monthly rates, and this area is worthy of a longer stay. 

We dropped the boys off at their home and left amid tears from little Owie and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC to the Pirateland Campground.  Marti has to attend a four day conference to maintain her nursing home administrator license and this campground was nearby.  What a shocking change from the Georgia RV Resort, it is a large, cramped campground with the only saving grace is that it is right on the ocean.  It is not the worst place we’ve ever stayed, but we wouldn’t choose to come here except for Marti’s conference. 

There are golf carts whipping around the crowded streets, we had to have nearby neighbors move their trucks so we could back into our site.  They were gracious to do so.  The sites are small and crowded, but I guess this is what is to be expected with an ocean side campground.

Last night, the campground security officers stopped a drunk driver on a golf cart right in front of our site and proceeded to have a loud argument with the drunk before taking him away after finding him with open booze bottles and pot.  Glad we’ll be leaving here at the end of the week.

Next week, it will be back to NJ to spend time with Anabelle and driving over to Pottstown, PA to see our newest granddaughter, Rebekah.  Our son Ryan and DIL Amber, along with their other two girls, Taylor and Kierra have moved there from Oregon, to Ryan’s new duty station on the Coast Guard Cutter Cleat in Philly.

It will  be great to see them all.  It sure is nice to be full time and have the ability to go where we want when we want.  It is really worth it.  :c)

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  1. Sure a great trip you had with the grands. Always hard to leave, but like you said it's nice to have the ability to be where you want. We are official full timers next week and hope to be doing a lot of the same.

  2. Poor Owie :( Your time at Disney sounded so fun! Love the Georgia campground..have to put that on our list too. Have fun seeing the grandbabies in NJ and PA.

  3. What a fantastic RV park that first one you mentioned looks to be! However, I think we'll stay away from the second one. The good thing about fulltiming is that you can be where you want to be when you want to be and with whom you want to be with! Whee .. that was a lot to say. It certainly is nice to have all the family fairly close together. I can see you being very busy running back and forth between them. When you're welcome runs out and the food gets slack at one home, you can always move down the road to the next. Enjoy!!

  4. You guys are putting on the miles. We stayed at Lakewood CG next to Pirate land back in April and I think it may be the best of the 3 the lots are not big but enough room to get into fairly easy, all back in. Like you say there is the beach and if you like the beach (we do) then its great. Also there is a zero tolerance for alcohol at Lakewood.

  5. Guess all good things have to come to an end. You've had two great campgrounds in a row. Time for a little 'change in scenery'. Get your suit on and play in the surf while Marti's in school. :-)

  6. OH yes, the crazy drunks on the golf carts... we saw that in a campground last year. Then there's the adults all in a group that let their preteen kids zoom around on their carts, ignoring how dangerous those kids are travelling when out of their sights. Whew... hope you get outta there fast!

  7. Only 460 miles?? That would surely take me two or three days to cover. :)

  8. That has to be the longest site ever! Those boys are lucky to have you guys.

  9. on the road again!..that campground looked really nice!..and boy are the sites ever long..I thought that was the road?

  10. Hi guys! One of our Tiffin groups recently stayed at the GA park where you were and had high praise for it. You should have stayed at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach. Think you would have enjoyed it better.
    We're still plugging away trying to get to that FT'er goal.

  11. Now that all your grandchildren are on the East coast, will we ever see you out West again?

  12. cramped, crowded with traffic and drunks - that pretty much describes Myrtle Beach to me. I guess I have never been to the right places there.

  13. Glad to hear you had a great time with Andrew and Owen at Disney World... more great memories!

    We'll have to keep Coastal Georgia RV Resort in mind if we're ever in the Brunswick area. We may be in that area in February for a week or so... or maybe not!