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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anchored In Place A Little Longer

Finally, a beautiful, sunny and warm day.  74 degrees and I was wearing sweats.  Why?


I had an appointment at the Veterans Hospital for some occupational therapy on my shoulder.


Good thing I got there early, the parking lot was packed full.  I spent a long time riding around looking for a space to open it.  One finally opened up and I made my appointment on time. 

One issue I’m dealing with is an old injury on my right shoulder, I tore the rotator cuff in training in 1992 and the therapy I had back then was pretty poor.  Over the subsequent years, continual training abuse and wear and tear has left me with scar tissue and some painful, limited movement.  Now maybe this therapy may be helpful and avoid surgery.  The downside, I have four weeks of therapy to complete before we can even think of heading down the road.

It’s not all bad, though because it’ll give us some time to get some eye doctor visits taken care of.

Once I completed the appointment, I couldn’t get my shorts on fast enough.  Those sweats really worked, they made me sweat like there was no tomorrow.

Not wanting to waste the perfect day, I dragged my foldable ladder out from the basement storage holder.


I set it up outside the kitchen slide so I could apply waterproofing spray to the slide topper until I can fix that annoying leak. 


A good sweep of the dust off the top of the awning.


I bought a couple of cans of this Scotchgard Waterproofing spray.


I gave it a good coating, here’s hoping it works temporarily until I can get the awning off and perform a more permanent fix.


Marti didn’t let the day go to waste, either.  She has some crafts she’s working on for the grandkids.



We’ll have to find plenty of projects and things to do around here.  Looks like we’ll be hanging around until mid February.  We may find ourselves heading south to Florida while waving to all the returning northbound snowbirds… :cO

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  1. Good to see the temps. are moving upward in SC. It got up to 78 today and we went in the swimming pool for awhile. (Trying to acquire some of that "tanning".)

  2. Glad you're finally able to start some therapy on that shoulder. Here's hoping the range of motion will be greatly improved and you'll be able to avoid surgery.

    Enjoy those warm temps!

  3. Well on the positive side, the camping rates will drop as everyone else leaves Florida. Good to hear they are fixing you up, you gotta lot of miles to cover yet.

  4. Enjoy where it is warm! Glad to see that both of you are feeling better finally :)

  5. So your cuff won't rotate like it's supposed to. Hope they're working you hard on that. Fingers crossed for no surgery.

  6. Good luck with the therapy; worth it if you can avoid surgery.

  7. Do whatever you can do to avoid shoulder surgery!!

    It HURTS:O(((

    1. It's a good thing to get that shoulder taken care of when you can. No telling when your next appointment would be if you tried to put it off. Friday will be there when you're ready to head south. Well, I hope it will.

  8. I'll be nice and not make any off the cuff remarks !!

    Temps in the low 70s sound perfect. Enjoy.

  9. Oh shoulder surgery. Anything to avoid that. Although PT sure seems to take a long time in my experience. Hope that isn't the case for you.

  10. Oof. Scar tissue. I know that hurt. Good luck with that. Hope the therapy does the trick.

  11. With all the cold weather around it's funny how just 70F is considered balmy now - I'd take it in a flash!

    I had a rotator cuff issue 2 years ago and my doctor just told me to exercise it a bit and it would eventually go away without surgery. It worked. Hope yours does the same.

  12. butterbean carpenterJanuary 11, 2013 at 2:22 PM

    Howdy Chief,
    I hope your Physical Torturer is kinder than mine is(I'm having PT on my right shoulder too, also!! He makes me do my exercises even when I am in pain, 'just do one more', he says!! Yeah right, he ain't the one hurtin'!! Are you using a damp heated towel for pain relief; it REALLY WORKS!!! VA parking is the 'PITZ', all of the Doctors and the help HAVE HANDICAPPED PERMITS, wait for a shift-change and see if I'm not right!!!
    I guess the pain's worth it because it getting better! Keep doing the exercises, even if it HURTZ!!

  13. glad to see you finally are getting in for your will be nice for you two to sit still for 4 weeks...but the way you've been travelling I'm sure it will seem like 4 months to you lol..enjoy