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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Farmville Must Die

Another Sunday afternoon with the grandsons, Andrew and Owie.  Sunday afternoons are reserved for geocaching with Mimi and Pa.

We set off for a cache that has stumped us several times before, called Farmville Must Die.  It had clever instructions on the Internet, you had to solve a number of questions and riddles, each one leading to a number.  When all the numbers were collected, it gave GPS coordinates to where the cache was located.

Except every time we hunted for this cache, we came up empty.  The boys daddy, Brian, used Google Earth to help narrow down the spot where the cache should be.

We arrive at the area armed with “poking sticks”.


Off we went, poking and digging in the woods.


A rabid pine cone attacked but Owie quickly dispatched it with his stick before it could bite any of us.


Phew! That was close!  More hunting the woods.


Then something caught Andrew’s eye.


A little digging and victory!  Finally we found Farmville. :c)


It had some cool trade items in the box.


The boys picked out a couple of items and we left some trade items from our geocache swap box.


Signing the log, then on to the next geocache.


The next cache was full of water.  Oops!


Oh well, the hunt was fun.

We ended the day with two finds and one cache still unlocated.  That will required some more hunting on another day.  It was close to a McDonalds and the smell of french fries was somewhat distracting.  Not a good cache to hunt when you’re hungry…

We celebrated the Farmville victory with, what else?  Ice cream, of course. :c)



Not every day is meant to be rolling down the highway to a new location or campground.  We prioritize our full time RV life with the ability to spend quality time with all our grandkids.  And it’s working great! 

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  1. Goecaching is a terrific way to spend time with the grandkids and get to be kids again yourself;o)) Of course, ice cream is good ANYTIME!!!!

  2. Sounds like fun, glad you are having fun with your grandkids, we are looking forward to it someday!

  3. So glad Owie saved you from to attack of the pine cone. Congratulations on you catch of the cache.

  4. Great activity to do with the grands. I recently ran across a bag of items we had for trades and never used. Brought back good memories.

  5. GeoCaching is a great activity to spend with the kids. It's not too bad for just a pair of old kids (like Karen and I). We love to GeoCache in new-to-us areas. It gets you out into areas you might not otherwise discover.

  6. These are days those grandkids will always cherish ... even when they have grandkids. What fun it is.

  7. I've never got any grandkids interested in geocaching but did get my 75 year old sister excited enough to buy a GPS.... What fun y'all must have had!

  8. Boy what memories you are making for those boys. Love the treasure swapping in those caches.

  9. I bet he was proud as punch to have found it! What fun :)

  10. Great memories for both of you and especially for the Grandkids. Always nice to celebrate with ice cream too.

  11. You even make geocaching look fun. Maybe we should try that with Ron's grandchildren (the two older ones, not little Harper.)