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Friday, January 25, 2013

Remedial RV Education

Looking at our busy schedule, we discovered that we had nothing pressing to do today.  Not to let the free time go to waste, we quickly filled it up, hopped in the Element and drove 109 miles to North Carolina.  Why?


The North Carolina RV Show.  Now before you think we’re out shopping to replace the Journey, we’re certainly not.  After being on the road fulltime for almost 14 months now, we’ve finally found a place for everything and everything in its place.  A new RV would turn our system upside down and we’d probably never be able to find everything we’ve squirreled away while moving to the new RV.

It’s always fun to look, but we came for another reason.  Using my new Cannon camera was one, but not the main reason.


I had to retire my Sony point and shoot camera, it’s gotten so much dust inside it, the picture quality was bad.  Looking at the Sony website, to have it repaired would cost $91, plus shipping.  The camera only cost $110 new and I could buy a new Cannon on sale for $99.  It was a no brainer, even for me.  All the pictures in this post are with the new camera, I’m pretty pleased with it.

But there was another reason.  Keep reading.

The show was about 90% pop ups, travel trailers and fifth wheels.  There were many nice units, for all price points.  Lots of fancy fivers,


with some serious outside kitchens for tailgaters.


Some toy haulers had beds in the garage for the kids, or the husband when he misbehaves.  Better than being banished to the couch by the lady of the (house) trailer.


There was a micro pop up for a tight budget,


And a real bare bones unit for tighter budget.  Sides and roof were optional.


We looked at the new Winnebago line of travel trailers, we were impressed with the quality they had built in to them, just like their motorhomes.  Of course, the colors were not something I’d choose.


On the motor home front, I was very impressed with the Winnebago Vista, it had a great floor plan, compete with bunk beds and full body paint for a very reasonable price.  The Vista is an entry level unit that has great value for the money.


There were vendors, but most of them were not RV related.  Gutter covers, bathroom fixtures, cooking ware were among the vendors.  RV supplies were pretty lacking.


There was a new Class B built on the new Nissan van.  It has a pop top roof like the VW buses of years ago.


We even met the only honest RV salesman in the whole place.


The real reason, though that we came was to see Howard and Linda Payne from RV Dreams. They were at the show to present their excellent seminars on full time RVing.  We’ve been to a couple of their rallies where we learned about the ins and outs of the full time lifestyle.


We sat in their seminar to review how we’re doing.  Fortunately, we’re doing great.  It wouldn’t be a good thing to find out we’re doing everything wrong after full timing for about 14 months. Phew!

We passed on the few outside RVs on display.  There was freezing rain and we decided we’d better head for home because of the bad weather.


The roads were slick and we crawled home.  Slow and steady but we got home in one piece. 


A good day, despite the bad weather. Even better, a new RV did not follow us home. ;c)

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  1. First of all and most important, glad you made it home safe and sound.

    Second, I kept expecting you to make some type of a new contraption for the Journey but you didn't. I'm also certainly glad you passed the fulltiming class. It would be awful to fail at this stage in the game.

  2. We need to stay away from that kind of event. I'm sure we will love our Alfa if we don't prowl thru the bigger and betters.

  3. I love going through the newest models just to get decorating ideas!

  4. Glad you got to check in with Howard and Linda. Seems like they have been out West forever;o))

  5. Phew Paul!
    You had me scared for a brief moment there. I'd thought you'd gone to look for a new rig.

  6. You are devoted fans! But then I'd have been right there with you had I been close enough. I like those little Minnie Winnie trailers too. Amazing use of space. I know some singles who could full time in one of those.

  7. Sometimes RV shows aren't what they are cracked up to be. Glad that you got to see the Paynes!

  8. We attended the Good Sam Rally in Daytona last fall and fell in love with a Winnebago Access Premier that they had on display. When we got back home, we talked to a local dealer and traded in our smaller Jayco for one. We picked it up last week and are in the process of getting everything put in it. We do a lot of camping at local state parks and have done 4 -5 week trips to New England and Western National Parks and plan on a trip to the Smokies this spring.Those new ones can be tempting!

  9. Glad you made it home in one piece. I enjoy going to RV shows and checking out all the new gadgets but this one didn't sound like it had much in that way.

  10. That mini trailer is so cute ... but I'll have to nix it for fulltiming ;-) Have fun with the new camera.

  11. Glad you both made it "home" OK....the RV shows aren't what they used to be, are they? We heard the RV show at the Dulles Expo Center was a disappointment. Have fun with the new camera....great pics so far! :-)

  12. Are you absolutely sure that clown wasn't you? It has a striking resemblance!

    Lots of nice looking rigs at the RV show. It's always fun to kick the tires of all the new stuff - and then walk away!

  13. Glad to hear you passed the class! And made it home safely in that nasty weather.

  14. Howard and Linda were spotted in AZ just the other day. They do get around. I like that Nissan pop up.

  15. butterbean carpenterJanuary 26, 2013 at 2:30 PM

    Howdy Marti & Chief,

    Paul, your new camera takes Cannon quality pics!!! We go to the RV shows with the bro & sis; they shop Joyce ooohs & ahhhs and I sit in my wheel-chair and look at the mess they call 'graphics'!!! Put some color panels or something, those swoops look like sneakers!!! That didn't look lie 'travelin' ' weather to me, but getting to see friends is worth it, I reckon!!! Glad you slid back to 'Caroline', safely!!! Was the weather that bad all of the way back??

  16. Whoa, you scared the there. But like you, we love to look at new RVs. Even better is when we realize that we like our own the best.

  17. You guys are hardcore. We went to an RV show, but it's because it was in our yard. Otherwise, I'd try to find a sofa that wasn't offgassing too bad and catch a nap.

    I'd hate to listen to a seminar and find out I wasn't happy. That would be the biggest bummer. Ignorance is bliss, and I'm a happy camper.

  18. It's risky attending those RV shows. Three times now a new RV followed us home from one of those shows!