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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Writer

Hi again!  It’s me, Anabelle.  Pa said it was okay for me to write today’s post, because Pa and Mimi are visiting and watching me.  For some reason, they say they are pretty tired from keeping up with me.


Pa says I’m a multi-tasker because I can type and watch Sesame Street at the same time.


Yesterday was “Visit Your Parents At Work Day”.  We drove to Mommy’s work and met her for lunch.  Pa calls me the “Super Streak” because I move so fast, his camera can’t always keep up.


Where is our server?


Finally, some food!  I’m a two fisted eater!


Mommy made sure I looked pretty for visiting her work.  She made sure my hair was neat.  Mommy is a scientist who works for a large cosmetic company. 


After seeing all Mommy’s coworkers and exploring all around her office, we hopped in the car and visited Daddy.

Daddy is a service manager at a Honda car dealership.  He was busy but that didn’t keep me from sitting with him…


and helping him do his paperwork.  He said I did good!  :c)


While we were there, Mimi looked at some new cars.  She said she like this one…


but she said this is the car she can afford.


Because I was such a good girl, Mimi and Pa took me to an ice cream stand on our way home.  My vanilla cone tasted so good!


But Pa’s chocolate cone looked even better.  How come I didn’t get chocolate?


I have a big back yard at my house, with all kinds of toys.  I have a really neat climb on play house.  It is so much fun to climb on it,


and under it!


Cooper, my best buddy, loves to chase balls in the backyard.  Even though it was so hot out, he ran and ran.


We have a little pool for Cooper to lay in when he gets too hot. 


He’s always happy to share it with me.


I’d better wrap this up for now, it’s my nap time.  I think Mimi and Pa are going to take a nap, too, for some strange reason! 

34gj9i[4KVkgf3 34mghs6\j psdjmg! (Bye for now!).

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  1. You have one very smart granddaughter! I wonder who she takes after ?? Really cute blog! She's such a cutie too!

  2. Thanks Annabelle for a refreshingly good blog post. Your Pa could take some lessons from you on how to write.

    I also like the way you eat corn on the cob - 2 handed, it's so much faster that way.

    Next time your Pa takes you for ice cream, ask for a 'chocolate dipped' cone - they're way more fun, taste great and leave chocolate all over your face for licking later.

    Very nice of you to share your pool with Cooper too.

    Thanks, Annabelle, you're a real cutie.

  3. What a cutie you are Miss Ananelle. How nice of Cooper to share his pool with you.

  4. Annabelle did a great blog post today. She leads a pretty busy life but I am happy to see that she takes time out to play and enjoy time with Cooper in the pool.


  5. I think Annabelle is on her way to becoming a famous author! I can see her on a dust jacket now :) What a cutie pie!

  6. she is Just way to CUTE!!!!!!!!!!.

  7. Wonderful post Annabelle. Makes me wish I was your age! Sounds like you kept Mimi and Pa pretty busy. That's good, because as we age we really need more exercise...and good naps!

  8. Is her little finger sore? I sense she's got you wrapped quite tightly around it. She's a doll.

  9. a fine post from you, Annabelle!! you did a great job multitasking!!

  10. 72 Honda Civic- my first car- until someone ran a stop sign and drove through the middle of it. Only my nose was broken- but the car :(. Anabelle has a pretty good set up at her house and a good Mimi and Pa to visit. The kid has it made!

  11. Love the post. Annabelle you can write a post any time you want to.

  12. Aw, Anabelle, you are just adorable! And I think you get that sense of humor from your Pa. Or is it the other way around?

  13. Way to go Anabelle!! You need to keep a close watch on Pa and Mimi. They get tired much quicker now that they're retired;o))

  14. Thanks for taking us along today Annabelle.

  15. Anabelle, you are adorable! You write a good blog too!

  16. Great post Anabelle and terrific pictures. You seem to have your Pa and Mimi well under control. Nicely done!!