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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stuck In The Past

Just a test post to see what’s going on with our blog.  It seems frozen and not updating any posts from the blogs we follow.

I want to see if this unfreezes it and updates to today.  I’ve already tried a computer reboot and no luck.

I may get desperate and send an “S-O-S” to the all knowing Shaman of Google (aka Rick) if it doesn’t work.


Please stand by while these technical difficulties are resolved.  Don’t worry, I still have more fun (?) things to write about.  :c)


Just an update:  This Blogger problem has resolved itself.  I guess just putting up a post with Rick’s picture was enough to get Blogger and my computer to behave.  Rick is one powerful computer guru! 


  1. Glad the magic worked! :) I'll have to remember that trick if I should encounter any problems.

  2. All was fine until I scrolled down and a REALLY SCARY face popped out at me!

  3. Don't know what happened to the "y". Mighty Rick.

  4. Rick certainly is all-powerful, isn't he?
    I think there's something weird in cyberspace this weekend. My Facebook doesn't want to update, kind of like your blog :)

  5. Glad to see your back however it happened

  6. Glad to be of help, Paul. My 'mug shot' has been known to stop clocks and move blog sidebars!!

    Always at your service!

  7. I had the same problem Paul and I appealed to Rick and he looked into it and couldn't find anything and then it just resolved itself. Google does some strange stuff.

  8. Yeah, I have to say that Google can be weird at times.

  9. Glad to see you are in tip top shape!

  10. My computer was acting real weird - mostly Google Chrome - I finally determine that malicious software had invaded it ( something called Delta Search it had literally taken my computer over - I used a malware program to KILL IT!!!!

  11. Was it the computer or the handler? Or, maybe a little bit of both? Certainly it wasn't the internet.

    1. Found the problem. It was a loose nut behind the wheel...

      Actually, don't know what was going on, it finally cured itself.

  12. Too funny - glad everything is working again with the blog! :-)