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Friday, July 26, 2013

What Child Labor Laws?

Can you be held responsible for violating child labor laws if said child volunteers to help?  Keep reading.

We did a non stop, 750 mile drive in our car from Anabelle’s NJ home, where we stayed for ten days, to our own home in South Carolina, our Winnebago Journey.  It sure looked good to see it, a welcome sight.


We have been using our car to travel back and forth to PA and NJ this summer because we’re in a monthly site here in SC.  We don’t want to pay here and then drive the Journey to PA and NJ and pay for another campground, that would be budget busting.  Plus, it’s always nice to stay with our kids and enjoy their company.

Originally, we planned on breaking the return trip up into two days, but a situation came up that required us to drive straight through.  Nothing serious, grandson Andrew was going on a trip to camp for the week and his leader’s kids got sick, so mom Heather jumped in to take over the leader spot.  Because SIL Brian was traveling this week for his work, there was no one to stay with Owie.  How could we not step up and have Owie stay with us?


Our grandsons are not ones to just sit around and play video games, they love to learn about things and help.  They both have a fascination with the workings of the Journey and always pitch in to help with cleaning and maintaining things.  Owie wanted to know what things needed his help to complete.

How could I turn down a willing helper, excited to learn new things?  So much for child labor laws, after all, he volunteered?

Off we went, first doing the gooky stuff, I showed Owie how to dump the tanks and then we spent a good half hour rinsing and re-dumping the black tank to get it sparkling clean.

Then it was on to the water filter replacement.  First the outside one in the wet bay.


He learned how to put on the filter housing wrench and which way to turn it to remove and then re-install it with a new filter cartridge.


Then it was on to the interior one, always fun to get at because it is way under the kitchen sink.


Our refrigerator needs to have the freezer defrosted periodically.  Out came my heat gun and Owie got it done, after a careful bit of instruction on how to use it.  He did great!


Then it was on to refilling our hummingbird feeders, the birds drank them dry while we were away.  After filling them, the birds were at them in no time.  Owie wanted to take their picture, he did pretty good considering this was the first time he used my camera.


Remember, now, he asked to help, so please don’t send the Child Labor Law Police after me!  :c)

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  1. It is amazing what kids aren't allowed to do today that we did before. I bought my first car with money I earned picking strawberries and beans one summer. For several years prior to that I had stockpiled money from the summer so I'd have extra cash in the fall and winter.

    However, the time is going to come when those grandkids will want backpay. Heck, they might even get together and form a union. You may be in trouble yet.

  2. Wow, PDD at its best! Very nice that you allow Owie to help do some things on the Journey. Now, let him wash and wax it!

  3. It is always good to have some help. And, it is good to teach kids how things work.

  4. His future wife someday will thank you for teaching him how to do things! Good for you.

  5. It's great that Owie is so interested in how things work! And I bet you loved showing him every minute of it!

  6. I should send Owie a copy of Tom Sawyer just to show him his Grandpa is using the old 'painting a fence is fun' con-job!

    It's great that he's learning these things though as it won't be all that long before he's saying "how 'bout the keys, Grandpa, my friends want to go camping for the weekend"!!

  7. You are an awesome granddad! I bet Owie had a great day with you.

  8. Never too young to get into the volunteering lifestyle, I say!! Owie is welcome to come and help you wash and wax by rig anytime. ;)

  9. If the child labor laws were rigidly enforced most of us would still be incarcerated. Good work ethics can't be learned soon enough! Good Job, Owie AND Paul!

  10. Good job Owie!! Just remember Paul, when he gets to be a teenager he will still want to help...but he'll most likely be wanting to earn some money for it!! Trust me on this! Oh well, because of those nasty child labor laws, there are very few ways young teens can earn money nowadays. I'm pleased when mine ask for a job rather than a handout.

  11. Way to go Owie... You did a great job!! We would expect nothing less since you are being taught by our favorite RV tech;o))

    Keep making those memories!!!

  12. My only suggestion might be for a little step stool for him to stand on. Seems only fair.
    It's time consuming, but well worth the effort to accept some "help" with manageable jobs, even though you could probably do it yourself in half the time.
    See, I didn't get sarcastic or anything? Plus, I think if he's related, you can put him to work.

  13. That Owie is a real cutie. I'll bet he could sweet talk you into letting him help with about anything.

  14. It is hard to focus on the child labor laws-I am still pondering 750 miles:(

  15. 750 miles has my head spinning! Looks like Owie is a future full timer in the making! Don't share PDD with him though :)

  16. I think you're safe with grandchildren. He's going to take after his handy grandfather for sure.