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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Keeping Up With Anabelle

It was a wonderful visit this past week up in New Jersey with our granddaughter, Anabelle.  Hard to believe she’s 16 months old already and she has the energy of a couple of nuclear power plants.

We visited my brother Gordy’s house for a cookout.  Anabelle was enthralled by all his flowers.


She even got a chance to work on her bucket list.


Cake?  Red Velvet cake?  How can a young lady pass that up?


She even took Gordy’s dog, Diesel, for a test ride.


She gets lots of riding practice by using her rocking horse.  JB would be impressed.  ;c)


We went out for a birthday dinner for Anabelle’s mommy Amanda.  She certainly loves whipped cream!


With all that fun we’ve had with her this past week, sometimes she even wears herself out! 


I have to thank my buddy Rick for posting such a great picture of me on  his blog the other day.  I heard it made a few people run for the Rolaids.  If you haven’t seen it, good for you.  Just wait Rick, one day you’ll be looking like that after a week of baby duty with little Mason!

When I’m not on baby duty, I do look slightly more civilized.  :c)


      THE END(S)


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  1. Great post! Anabelle is absolutely darling! And you are so bad yourself. Love the picture of her on the rocking horse in approporiate hat!

  2. Annabelle is such a cutie. She's just one bundle of joy after another. You have many years and lots more pictures ahead of you. I'm sure you'll take advantage of all of it.

  3. How did she get to be 16 months old already??? Wow. She is adorable and I know you enjoyed your time with her.

  4. Love that Annabelle. But I can't believe she's already 16 months. I love that you share her with us. And yes, you do clean up pretty good there Mr. Paul.

  5. Awww...isn't Anabelle cute? I love her bucket list and that little outfit she was wearing was adorable.

    Glad you got to spend some time with her. She's growing up fast, isn't she?

  6. Annabelle is a beautiful, charming little Granddaughter. She is very lucky to have such great Grandparents to dote on her as well.

    I like the way Annabelle eats whipped cream.

    I actually thought the photo of you I posted on my blog was pretty complementary as it was one of the best I've seen anyway.

  7. You are so fortunate to be able to spend time with all the grandkids...they will be grown before you know it!! So cherish ever moment:o))

  8. What a cutie pie! Love the picture of her and Diesel. Great "end" picture!

  9. Thanks for sharing Annabelle! Grands are such a blessing.

  10. Annabelle is a cutie! I always said that kids don't sleep; they just recharge! ;-)

  11. I'm happy for you that your times with the grandkids have gone as planned. I haven't been as lucky. :(

  12. Annabelle is definitely going to be a heart breaker later in life:) I can only say that her energy level is only going to intensify, making you feel even older:)

  13. Such a cutie ... Annabelle that is ;-) I see you found a way to get on the "the end" bandwagon.

  14. I will be interested to see how Grandpa gets the pony in and out of the Journey in a few years.