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Friday, August 22, 2014

Bopping Around RI and Boston

We’ve been having a great time visiting Marti’s sister Gail in Rhode Island.  My dad has come along with us as it’s been many years since he has been to New England and we’re still having to keep after the daily bandage change from his elbow infection. 

We’ve been enjoying some of New England’s finest cuisine, I went for a whole lobster,


while my dad enjoyed his sautéed.


I was worried that there wouldn’t be any lobsters available because those ladies from RV-A-Go Go are in Maine this summer and have been working hard at reducing the lobster population.  ;c)

We spent a lovely afternoon at the beach in Galilee, RI.


Yesterday, we caught the train to Boston, sure is a better way than trying to drive into the city.


We took a trolley/harbor tour package around the city on the City View Trolleys Tour, a great deal for only $20 with coupon (that they provide right at the ticket booth).  You can get on and off the trolley at seven stops around the city, plus take a 45 minute narrated tour around Boston harbor.

While we waited to board the tour boat, I got a kick out of this duck drinking at a fresh water discharge from a dockside refrigerator unit.  Smart duck!


A perfect day for a boat ride, sunny and mild.  Gail is sitting with a map over her head because she doesn’t like the direct sun.


There are many interesting boats in the harbor.


How about this one?  The old Coast Guard Lightship Nantucket that has been converted inside to a luxury yacht.  It can be yours for only a mere $7 million.


We paid our respects to “Old Ironsides”, the USS Constitution moored at the former Boston Navy Yard.


I liked the 87’ Coast Guard cutter Flying Fish moored at Coast Guard Base Boston.  I never sailed on one, they came out after my sea going days.  But I’d love to get underway on one someday (wishful thinking).


Beautiful views of the Boston skyline.


Of course, no visit to Boston would be complete without a stop at the Quincy Market for lunch!


Dad treated himself to a clam roll sandwich.



I was very careful not to get in the way of his food, I might have lost a hand.  I enjoyed an overflowing bread bowl of New England Clam Chowder.  It took a while to get it because I didn’t ask for Chowdah, so the server couldn’t understand me…


Not every journey we take is with our Journey, but we’re still having fun anyway!  :c)

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  1. Yep... Making memories is what it's all about:o))

  2. Did you have to show a picture of a lobster? I'm drooling.

  3. Your Dad looks like he's doing well. It must be all that good eating!

  4. Looks like lots of fun! It has been a long time since I have seen or heard the word Bopping:))

  5. I bet your dad loves you taking pictures of him while he's eating. I loved the on and off tour, but didn't know about the harbor tour. I loved Boston except driving to the airport.

  6. Awesome! Your dad looks like he really knows how to enjoy his food! :)

  7. Boy your dad is in much better shape than mine at the same age. Be thankful for those good genes. You are making me VERY hungry with that delicious lobster, then the chowdah and clams. Seafood is my very absolute favorite thing to eat. I'd move to N.England if it wasn't so cold most of the year.

  8. Enjoy that time with your dad! I love Boston, and Quincy market is my favorite.

  9. Nothing quite like the fresh seafood on the east coast.
    Keep enjoying the tours.

  10. What fun and what memories you brought back. I would have ordered the WHOLE lobster too. Why mix a good thing up? Being on vacation can certainly be fun!

  11. Hey, Paul - ya sure you're getting enough to eat??

    What great looking food - sure is nice to see your Dad chowing down too.

    $7 million for that boat? I'll check my pockets!

  12. Brave souls entering into the big city, looks like you guys had a great time.

  13. Wonderful tour of Rhode Island. It is a great State in the US to enjoy and have some fun over here. long term jfk parking deals