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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Squeezed It In

It was a good day, in many ways.  All has gone well with my dad and he was released from the hospital late this afternoon.  That meant we had to “pull chocks” and head to his NJ house to spend a week or so to ensure he was back on his feet 100%.

We departed our campground at Naval Weapons Station Earle around noon for a (only) 113 mile drive to his house.  The drive was pleasant, due to great weather and light traffic from mid day travel.

The worry I had was his driveway, it is long and narrow, and is located off a very narrow country road.  Not only is it a tight turn but I’d have to drive over some of his lawn to swing in.  Twice in the past the ground was so wet the Journey started to sink in and I had to abort the attempts to not get stuck.


We unhooked the car and I looked over the ground.  Hard to know for sure but it appeared solid.  So I told Marti I was going to go for it and use momentum to get in, just in case the wheels started to sink.

Everything went fine, I squeezed the Journey in and had no issues with getting stuck. 


I plugged into his household electricity, a 20 amp circuit which will keep the batteries charged and the fridge running.  The forecast is for the weather to cool down at night for the next week so not having a/c won’t be a problem.

Hopefully, the ground will still be dry and hard when we pull out later this month.

We’ve had a great time with Anabelle and Elizabeth, Marti got in a lot of loving with them.


It was hard to leave them, but we promised to return soon.  How could we leave and not return to see this special little lady and her new sister?


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  1. Sure glad to hear that Dad is home. Isn't it wonderful that you can be there with him to help him during the recovery. Hard to leave the little ones but they will be there waiting when you get back there.

  2. Anabelle looks so sad to see you leave. But I know your dad will be so grateful for your help. Hope he's back to his old self in no time. I'm sure he will be with your care.

  3. I'm sure your dad is very happy to be home and have you there (and not hubcap deep in the yard. )

  4. I am sure your Dad is happy to have the company! Good luck with having dry weather.

  5. Nothing worse than getting stuck on Dad's lawn and tearing it up. Good thing the ground was hard enough. Enjoy your stay. Hopefully Pops will make a full recovery.

  6. Adorable granddaughters. Glad your dad is on the mend and that you made it into the drive.

  7. Paul good to hear that your Dad is doing better.

  8. Glad Dad is doing better and you had no trouble getting into the driveway!! Know he is happy to have you two there to assist him:o))

  9. That diet you put the Journey on must have helped ;-) Glad to hear your dad is doing well.

  10. Good news about your Dad! So glad he's doing better, and is back home now. That driveway is so narrow it looks like a bike path!!! :0

  11. Great news about your Dad.

    I'm guessing you may have to back out of that long, narrow driveway? That should be fun!

  12. I bet your Dad is happy that you didn't put divots in his lawn :) I know how dads can be! Enjoy your time helping him recoup!

  13. Great news about your dad. I am sure he will be happy to have you there for a while.

  14. Good news that your Dad is doing better.
    We spend most of our summer here in various places with only a 15 amp hookup for electricity, nice and shady and convenient.
    Enjoy your time there with Dad.

  15. Looks as if Annabelle is begging you not to go. So glad your dad is doing better. As independent as he is, he may try to get rid of you sooner in order to go cattin around in his Miata!