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Sunday, July 5, 2015


It was the our last day here in Missouri, visiting with our four granddaughters.


We had a wonderful six weeks, spending hours many days at the campground, especially the pool.  I’m surprised the girls don’t look as wrinkled as prunes.

Beka got a new bike while we were here.


Mimi Marti gave her lessons on how to ride correctly.  She learned quickly.


For Independence Day, we had a great campfire at Ryan’s house followed by some fun fireworks.


It was so hard to say “Goodbye”, there were lots of tears shed.  We feel so bad to have to leave and not see them for six or more months, but when we pull out from the campground tomorrow, we’ll be heading to see our New Jersey granddaughters, Anabelle and Lizzie (Elizabeth).  We’re conflicted.  :c( 

Thankfully we have wheels under our house and the ability to visit our grands again and again.  :c)

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  1. conflicted is a good way of putting it ... hard to say goodbye even though you know you have some wonderful hellos ahead of you

  2. We can totally understand the conflict that you are feeling. You have had 6 weeks of memories and lots of precious time with these 4 beautiful girls and now you will get to have more special time with a couple more beauties. That is a lot more time spent with the grandchildren than many people spend with their grandchildren each year so count your lucky stars that you have had this special time. Thank goodness there is skype! :-)

  3. Making FAMILY memories is one of the biggest perks of this lifestyle. It is so wonderful that you two can just roll your home and spend such quality time with them. Most Grandparents get a weekend here and there. Keeping on Rolling and Making Memories:o))

  4. The beauty of this lifestyle, moving you house around to visit more family members is wonderful, great memories too.

  5. You have such wonderful memories to take with you and you're on your way to make new memories. Can't get much better than that.

  6. It's so nice to be able to see them, and spend so much time there. They're all getting so much older!

  7. It is always hard saying good bye to the little ones but the short time spent with them seems to better make memories than if you are a constant figure in their lives.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. That picture of the four of them is the BEST. I'm sure they're sorry to see you go.

  9. That picture of the four of them is the BEST. I'm sure they're sorry to see you go.

  10. That picture of the four of them is the BEST. I'm sure they're sorry to see you go.

  11. Being able to stay 6 weeks near your children is definitely a blessing and how can they get tired of you since you aren't under foot all the time and help entertain the children. Sounds like win/win. Good that they don't fight over you! HA!!

  12. Looks like y'all have had a great time! I can understand how you feel. We have a little over three weeks left until we say goodbye to my sister and family, but we will be heading toward a month with our grandsons. But I try to keep in mind we wouldn't have all this quality time at all if we were still in a house spending our time working full work weeks. Doesn't make the leaving easier, but I prefer to say "see you soon"! :)

  13. Those Grands will cherish every minute you spend with them. As I told you before, my dad always used to say that if he spent time with our kids when they were young, they'd make time for him when he was older. They idolized him so I guess it worked. Your Grands will always have a special place in their heart and lots of memories of the times you spend with them now. Now on to make more memories with the Grands in NJ.