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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dead End Kids

A short 255 mile drive took us to Marti’s sister Anne’s house.  We’re here for a couple of days before we head to New Jersey. 

We started out in eastern Indiana and discovered the last 25 miles of I-70 were designed to shake everything possible loose inside the Journey, I was even worried about the fillings in my teeth.  We have to say it’s the worse stretch of road we’ve ever driven on in our travels since I-40 in Oklahoma (2002).

It’s a nice place to visit because they live on the very end of a dead end street, so we can park the Journey there and “Moochdock”.   :c)


There are no full hook ups, but we are able to snake an extension cord to the house to get some 110v electricity, enough to keep the fridge running and use a few lights.  Can’t beat the price, though.


Of course, it didn’t take Marti long to contribute to the delinquency of a minor by teaching her sister’s little grandson, EJ, how to play games on an iPhone.


We’ll be pulling out Saturday morning for a two day, 450 mile drive to New Jersey.  We’re already getting rumblings from our NJ granddaughters that they can’t wait to see us.  I have a feeling the campground pool will be getting quite a workout.  Good thing we have lots of experience in that, courtesy of the Missouri grands!   :c)

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  1. Taking two days to do 450 miles? You must really be getting over your disorder.

  2. I have no doubt you will spoil those grandkids rotten. Isn't that what they're for? Enjoy!

  3. I think you're almost cured... of that PDD problem.

  4. I bet you can make it in one day.

  5. I bet you can make it in one day.

  6. Two days for 450 miles? You're slipping there Paul. Good times to come.

  7. That I-40 in Oklahoma was brutal back then !
    Now you getting into more family fun, sure is nice to take your house to visit family.

  8. Sorry to hear about I-70. I thought the title of worst roads belonged to Pennsylvania, especially the turnpike. So happy to see you driving what would be a long day for me but is a very short day for you. Perhaps you are actually relaxing?? Better do it before you get to those grands.

  9. Marti's just keeping up her "contributing to the delinquency" skills until you get to your next grands ;-)