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Friday, July 24, 2015

State Flag, State Bird, State Car?

We set out on a clear morning, the motorcycles purred along nicely as we rode the back roads up the West side of NY’s Lake Champlain.  We crossed over at the top of the lake into Vermont.  Just as in New York, the scenery was breathtaking.


We stopped often to stretch our legs, which I appreciated.  I’m the oldest brother and have realized on this trip that I’m not 18 anymore, even if I feel it in my mind.  ;c)

At each stop, we checked the weather forecast in the direction we were heading.  How did we live without iPhones?


As we headed South down the rural roads in Vermont, we came across this wonderful place.  A coin operated car wash!  We pulled the bikes into one bay and started giving them a good cleaning to get all the mud and grime off.



The bikes rode so much better after their baths.  A clean bike is a happy bike.

We rode all the way South in Vermont, observing what, if not already, should be the Official Vermont State Car: the Subaru Outback wagon.  They seemed to be everywhere.  I guess if you’re a Subaru car dealer in Vermont, you’ve got it made.

We crossed back over to New York and headed North again back to the Adirondacks and into Lake George.  This area is special to us, we grew up spending many wonderful vacations in this area.  The views were just as good as we remembered. 


We stopped along the road at Swede Mountain, where a trail begins to the top.  Over the years we hiked up to the fire tower many times.  We passed on hiking it again as the day was getting away from us.


We worked our way around to Brant Lake, where our parents had a cabin for many years.  My dad’s brother also had a cabin there and we enjoyed many summers with our cousins.  Our uncle passed away years ago and is buried right near the lake.


He rests in a cemetery with a beautiful view of the mountains.


Once again, we found a reasonable hotel to stay in, this time in Lake George Village. 


We were surprised that there was one available, being the height of the summer season.  The hotel clerk said tourism has been a bit slack over the last several years.  We were just glad to get some soft beds to rest our tired bones to get ready for tomorrow, our last day.

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  1. 'Tis definitely a wonderful life on the road.

  2. I have toured that area in a car quite a few times years ago and always loved it, thanks for bringing back memories.

  3. I rode my motorcycle through that area many many years ago.

  4. Okay, so what's the state bird of Vermont?

  5. You guys sure are having a grand time!

  6. Great that you were able to go back and visit your old stompin' grounds!!! Keep making memories and safe travels....

  7. Love that you went back to the spot of many happy summers and were able to visit your uncle's grave. Sounds wonderful to be sharing memories while you are making more with your brothers.

  8. We love Lake George, lots of memories there for us too! Nice trip to that area and able to see the cemetery of your uncle.

  9. Good grief, that looks like the very same place I stayed many years ago when I was in Lake George for Americade.

  10. Good grief, that looks like the very same place I stayed many years ago when I was in Lake George for Americade.