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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pants On Fire

And I wasn't even a "Liar-Liar".   Read on.

It was the last day of our motorcycle trip.  Overnighting in Lake George Village, we had a great breakfast and then hit the road, heading South on the Northway and then the NY State Thruway.  It was sad to see the Adirondack mountains slipping away in my rear view mirrors as we traveled.

But it was not going to be all boring highway riding, we had an interesting destination in mind:

The headquarters for Orange County Choppers.  If you never saw the TV show, you missed out on the amazing pieces of art that they built into motorcycles.  They had many examples on display that we enjoyed as we walked around the showroom floor.

The detail work on these motorcycles was amazing.  Just look at the custom wheels on this NY Yankees motorcycle.
Even though these motorcycles actually run and can be ridden, they are more artwork than anything else.  Looking at the miniscule seats on these bikes, I guess I will never complain about the seat on my motorcycle again!   ;c)
We had lunch in the OCC Café, which was really good.  I had a Reuben, the corned beef on the sandwich was excellent, the only better one I've ever had was in Katz's Deli on Houston Street in NYC.
We hit the road again, with one final stop in mind.  My dad is a minister and in the early 1960's he was the pastor at a country church in NY State.  Since it was close by, we swung in to see it.  We hadn't been there since my dad left the church in 1966 for another pastorate.
It was just as we remembered it, but seemed to be very much smaller.  Maybe it was because we were so much smaller in the 60's? 
We even got a chance to peek inside, the doors were unlocked.  There were some changes inside, but the pew where I was sitting at for a Christmas Eve service when the giant Christmas Tree fell over on me was still there.  We had a good time laughing as memories came flooding back.  We'll have to bring my dad back to see the church again, I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it like we did.
Alas, our ride ended.  We drove down the highway and first Dave pulled off and headed to his house, then little brother Gordy turned off on his exit.  I still had about another 100 miles to go before I got back to the Journey and Marti, who had been patiently waiting for me.
It wasn't a smooth ride, I hit a 15 mile long bumper to bumper back up due to thousands of cars heading down to the NJ shore.  I crept along on the bike, a few feet, then stopped for a couple of minutes, then crept along again for a few more feet before halting again.  Of course it was a very hot day, temps in the mid 90's and the heat was getting unbearable. 
My motorcycle thankfully has a water cooled engine, so it did okay in the heat.  My pants, however are only cooled by wind rushing past as I ride the bike a speeds.  With that big engine throwing off heat, added to by the dual exhaust pipes, the undersides of my pant legs began to get a little warm, then warmer, then downright HOT!  I couldn't take it any more and had to pull off the highway and sit it the cool grass under a tree for a while to let the pants (and my legs) cool off.
 I got home around 7pm to a nice welcome from Marti, she was happy to see me all in one piece and none the worse for the wear from riding over 1300 miles in four days.  Yep, PDD applies to motorcycles just like RVs!   :cD

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  1. I was wondering where you were going with that post title. Glad you took time to cool-off before your pants were really afire.

  2. I bet you would have made the evening news if your pants had gone up in flames. But I'm really glad they didn't.

  3. Recognize the church We live just down the road---Small world!!!

  4. Sounds like another wonderful day for you boys. I know you are sorry it's over, hot pants and all.

  5. You were actually riding down memory lane. It's nice that you could do that with others sharing the same memory.

  6. Glad you had a good trip. Nothing worse than black pants on a hot sunny day.

  7. Paul sounds as though you and your brothers had a great trip. So nice to re-live memories of times gone by. Be safe!

  8. Too much fun with some great miles under your belt,, Now to get your land legs back.

  9. Glad you had a great trip, even seeing the church, that must have been great for the three of you. Marti is sure glad you are home!

  10. That puts a whole new twist on 'hot pants'.

  11. That was the perfect place for you Easy Riders to visit. Too bad you weren't in California where it's legal for bikes to pass all those stopped cars. I swear my heart skipped a beat every time they did. Crazy.

  12. That was the perfect place for you Easy Riders to visit. Too bad you weren't in California where it's legal for bikes to pass all those stopped cars. I swear my heart skipped a beat every time they did. Crazy.

  13. Glad you had a fun, safe journey with your brothers. It was nice that you were able to revisit some places from years past.

  14. Ahhhh the joys of motorcycle riding!!!