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Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Empty Field?

We had a couple of chores to do today, starting off with our favorite.  Babysitting little Anabelle so her mom could get a couple of her chores done, too.


It was nice to see her bright blue eyes first thing this morning.  She is growing like a weed.  All too soon we had to give her back to her mom, Amanda and we hit the road. 

We had a major task to accomplish, we had to pick up our Disney World tickets that we ordered for our visit in June with the boys.  We ordered them through the military ticket office at Lakehurst, NJ Naval Base.  We got some nice tickets at a super discount thanks to Disney’s Armed Forces Salute.  Disney has been a big supporter of the military and we’re very grateful for their generosity and support.

Lakehurst is famous for two reasons, one is it was a major operating base for Navy blimps during World War II, which patrolled off the east coast in an attempt to thwart the German U-Boat submarines that prowled on shipping.


It’s hard to believe these huge blimps could sink a U-Boat, but a couple did during the war with depth charges that they carried.

The blimps are long gone, but there is some huge reminders of that time.


Giant blimp hangers remain and are still in use for various projects and training schools.  Driving past them made me wonder who the poor guy is that has to change the bulbs on the lights up in the ceilings.  ;c)

The other reason Lakehurst is famous is because of this neglected field.


This is the landing field where in 1937, the pride of Nazi Germany’s air fleet, the Hindenburg, caught fire and crashed, with many fatalities after a successful Atlantic crossing.

There used to be a little stone plaque marking the exact spot that I had seen years ago, but we couldn’t find it today.  Sad that a piece of history is gone.

A quick trip to the commissary, then we zipped home, Marti needs to see her American Idol show.

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  1. You know, I'd forgotten the link b/w the Hindenburg and Lakehurst; thanks for the reminder.

  2. Well, I was disappointed when Colter left American Idol but there are still good ones left. Anabelle is growing like a weed. It won't be long and you'll be taking her to Disney too.

  3. Nice that Disney honors the military. With SIX grandchildren, you will need all the support they can give you!! You'll probably need a larger Motorhome also;o)) LOL

  4. Those hangars are enormous. I haven't seen those in NJ, but San Francisco has a few for the blimps there.
    I agree with Bill..Disney treats the military well!

  5. We hate when history falls by the wayside

  6. You are going to miss those babysitting duties:)