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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Raccoon Valley Escapees Park

We rolled along yesterday to light traffic and sunny skies with just a little wind. I am amazed at how we've become sensitized to wind while driving the Journey. It seems you never notice wind while driving a car but in a large motorhome with huge, barn door flat sides, even a breeze gets serious attention.

The drive to Tennessee lasted to just around 300 miles, it would have been a bit shorter but I-75 was closed right at the Indiana-Tennessee boarder, necessitating a looping, winding hilly detour of about 50 miles through scenic back roads Indiana. There were a number of UPS double trailer trucks that were flying through those roads while we cautiously negotiated the sharp turns and steep hills of the detour. I thought those drivers were running quite recklessly and for all their high speeds, we caught up to them at the intersection where the detour ended and I-75 was open.

We always like to use our Escapees membership campgrounds when we're in the area where one is located. We saw that the Raccoon Valley campground was right on our way so we pulled in for a two night stop.

The entrance/office building where we registered and got our hugs. Marti was prepared for a hug this time, unlike our visit to the Escapees campground in Branson, MO last year where she was startled to get a hug from a total stranger.


Inside, along with the office is a large gathering room for various activities.


The sites are all level and gravel with good hookups.




A centrally located comfort station.


And a nice pool, which was not open yet because local regulations require it to be inspected every year before it can be used.  Of course the inspection is slated for next week after we’re long gone. :c(


There is a pet walk, but I’m not sure if the sign indicates that it is under the bridge.


The only real downside we found were these cheesy, weather beaten picnic tables.  The seats must have been designed for munchkins, they are way too narrow for adult sized bottoms.


For $16/night, you can’t beat this park.  We’re glad we stopped over.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for our granddaughter Taylor.  She has an appointment next Monday with and ENT doctor to see what is the best course of action for her ruptured ear drum.  She has had a number of bad ear infections and with the last one, it appears the ear drum membrane was so weakened it ruptured from the pressure.  We are hoping that the ENT doctor will have a good method of treatment for her so she gets well and has no permanent damage.

Picture of the day for Rebekah:

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And Anabelle:


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  1. Marti here: I'd also like to note that only half the campground has the grass cut (NOT our half), and the weeds and grass are unsightly... :-( I know at only $16 a night I shouldn't complain, but really? To be fair, the lawnmower was running across the street from us, around the pool, but never made it to our street or the one over. Ah well, tomorrow we have another neighborhood to enjoy...

  2. Thanks for the review of Raccoon Valley. It's been a while since I've been in such close proximity to my neighbors. I think Emma can fit under the bridge?? :)

    Maybe I should volunteer to paint some tables while I'm there...if I use enough paint, maybe they'll get wider.

  3. Indiana/Tennessee border? Are you sure? Last time I checked, Indiana borders, KY, OH, IL, MI. I know, when traveling in that area, everything looks the same.

    1. Duh! Sorry for the brain fart. It was KY. A thousands requests for pardon. Now you know I'm not smarter than a fifth grader...

  4. Have to laugh about the UPS guys zooming down the highway only to end up waiting at the end. Serves em' right. Wonder if they have numbers on the back so Marti could call up and rat them out while you are driving along??

    We didn't join Escapees so we haven't used any of their parks. But $16 for an overnight is a good deal and if it's full hook ups it's a great deal.

    You are getting mighty close to South Carolina. Bet those grand boys are anxious!

  5. 50 miles of winding roads is enough to get anyone confused about where they are. Don't worry, just listen the GPS and you will eventually get back on track.

  6. You will probably think I am a quack, but our son had ear problems for years. The doctor even put him on a two month dosage of antibiotics. Nothing worked. My wife took a job at a chiropractors office and he suggested bringing my son in. A few month of adjustments and he hasn't had an ear problem since. The nerves that handle the ear were compressed.The doctor opened up the subluxation.

  7. Nice to see you stopping for TWO nights!! The rest will help you get ready for enjoying the boys and DISNEY:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  8. Hoping for the best for Taylor. Those two little grand babies are sure cute.

  9. We stayed at Raccoon Valley on our first year on the road. It was under construction and was a mess, but we really liked it. We'll be back when we head that way.

    So far grass has been a problem everywhere we've been this spring. It wasn't cold enough long enough to keep it from growing and the parks don't have the help to get it mowed.

    Have fun! Travel Safe!

  10. I'm sure Taylor will be in good hands. We're hoping it's fixed fast and easy.

    I love the review of SKP parks. Some are really great places and others not so much.

  11. butterbean carpenterMay 20, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    Howdy Marti & Paul,
    Our prayers are with ALL of you for a recovery of her hearing.. Kids recover from these conditions all of the time and we're sure hers will also.. Wind SHOULD be a concern of MH drivers, especially 5th wheelers but we see many weaving down the hiways in high cross-winds, crossing lane stripes and not caring about the drivers they run out of the next lane.. Get hold of Randy @ Escapees and tell him about the picnic tables. That's under his
    work orders.. He'll just have to get up there from Texas and fix it!!!

  12. Sounds like that park needs a good workamper :)

  13. For 16 bucks, it looks like a pretty nice park.