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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Iowa 80 Truckstop

(This is a post I tried to publish a couple of days ago.  Blogger and Live Writer were not on speaking terms.)

I read about this place, I’ve seen it on TV.  I even drove past it a half dozen times meaning to stop but never did.  This time I almost drove right past it until Marti pointed it out.

We left Marti’s sister Anne yesterday and headed west on I-80.


The mid-west states don’t have much to see, so the Iowa 80 Truckstop was a welcome diversion.



This place is amazing.  Walking in you are confronted with a reminder that this is going to be quite an experience.


Along with a bunch of restaurants, there was even all kinds of sparkling stuff to satisfy even Marti.


There are trucks all over the place, of course outside in the parking lot, but also inside.  From old ones,


to even nice shiny new ones.


Walls of lights to dress up your truck (or motorhome),


and even fancy hood ornaments.  Sherry would love to have this one on her motorhome, Winnona. ;c)


How about boots?


Maybe some custom embroidery for your hat, T-shirt, baby bib or even your undies?  They’ll design and embroider it for you.


When you get tired of all the items for sale, you can walk next door to the Truck Museum.  But that will have to be another post.

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  1. If LW and Blogger weren't on speaking terms, I guess I should be glad we had slow internet and I didn't even attempt to post anything while we were out camping. I like those old trucks.

  2. I'm thinking you might take a hit from folks from the Midwest for saying there's nothing to see. Tisk Tisk!
    Don't you like corn and soybeans?? :)

  3. I guess that is another place to put on our Bucket List! Amazing...

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Wow! That place looks amazing. My guess is they attract a lot of folks driving through those states.

  5. How far will you be traveling I-80? We are in Rawlins, Wyoming just off of I-80 and would love to have you stop in if you plan to be driving by...

  6. Wow. I'm not sure I "need" anything in the Worlds Largest Truck Stop, except diesel, but it sure would be fun to look :)

  7. WOW typical flyover mentality, guess you invented a new term, a drivethru area. Stop and smell the roses there are a lot of great things to see in the Midwest too numerous to list here but will list the Herbert Hoover National Site and the Vander Veer Botanical Park which are close to the truck stop.

  8. Wow! We drove right by that place a month or so ago! Next time we'll stop! Safe travels!