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Friday, May 11, 2012

Up On My Soapbox

I know you are expecting a rant about how bad Republicans are and how good Democrats are, or is it how bad the Democrats are and how good the Republicans are?

Sorry to disappoint you.  Politics and my RV blog are like oil and water, they don’t mix.  So if you are looking for insightful political commentary, you certainly won’t find it here.

This is about a different kind of soapbox and it is all about this hill:


What does this hill have to do with a soapbox, you ask?  Here is a little hint:


This hill is in Akron, Ohio, home of the Soapbox Derby.  Kids build these coaster cars (maybe with a little help from their dads) and race them down this hill.  A better view of the “race track”.


The Soapbox Racers start where the man is standing in the pictures and roll down the hill by gravity to the finish line off in the distance.  It has become a huge event and maybe a training ground for future NASCAR drivers.

The cars have no steering wheel, they are steered by pulling on cables.


I don’t know if I could drive one of these cars (let alone fit in one) without a steering wheel to cling to.

The name “Soapbox” came from the early cars, built from soapboxes.  Here is a picture of an original soapbox car constructed from a soapbox.


Those kids are brave, that hill is steep!


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  1. Good photo of that steep hill. They are indeed brave youngsters to attempt that. Good "soapbox" post!!

  2. haven't been to a soapbox derby in years! our our daughter's friend's ran in a race when the kids were all younger!..what a hoot it was!

  3. So, you're not going to get into politics. Oh, heck, I think you should. Just look at all the great remarks you'd get no matter what side you're on.

    I remember hearing about the derby races but it's been a long time ago. I didn't think they were still going on.

  4. Don't like to go fast even in a car without a motor;o( ...Nancy

  5. My cousin used to do that when we were kids. I never raced but loved it when he would let me take the car for a ride down the hill.

  6. What a wonderful event for kids---- a rite of passage. And gets them out and away from the video games!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Well you sucked me in, I was all ready for a good rant. But then I realized you seldom rant. Nice soap box pics. I'd love to see that race although I doubt I could at 5' tall unless I camped out overnight in a sleeping bag to be in the front row. When do they run it?

    David says he was in a scout troup that was going to build cars to compete in the local derby and worked on his for a long time but never finished it. No help from his dad. He says you can make a simple one easy enough but if you want the curved front end for aerodynamics that's quite a bit more involved. Thanks for posting this. It brought a smile to his face. Maybe some day we can get there to see it.

  8. Opppssss....not sure why it didn't know me when I posted the above comment. Sherry from Direction of Our Dreams.

  9. I'm thinking those young boys get more than a little help from someone to come up with those slick new racers.

  10. I remember well watching those soapbox derby races as a kid. Nice memories.

  11. Thank God you don't blog any politics. politics is a dirty subject and I wouldn't want you to soil one of my favorite blogs :)