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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Left My Heart In Sioux Falls

Actually, it was my hubcap.  At least I think it was Sioux Falls, although it could have been along the road in South Dakota, or Iowa, or Missouri.

I stepped out of the Journey to set up the utilities and instead of seeing this,

I saw this.

I guess we'll swing by Gaffney Freightliner in South Carolina on our way to see our two grandsons.  It's only money and I'm proud to do my part to support the economy.  :c)

We did a leisurely 312 miles today and we found ourselves accompanied by that very rare phenomenon, a Tailwind!  It was really blowing, too and followed us for almost two hundred miles.  The Journey's dash computer flirted with 9 mpg, but settled down to 8.9.  That is some of the best mpg we've ever gotten, so I'm tickled.  Of course, for the last hundred or so miles, the wind shifted around to broadside, or maybe it was the way the engineers built the road.  Eventually we had the mpg drop down to 7.9, which is still really good for us.

We have stopped for the night in St. Joseph, MO at a campground.  Of all the sites that were open, they assigned us the one with a tree blocking the satellite signal, so no TV tonight.  That means we might actually do something constructive...

Now for all you grandbaby addicts, two pictures for the price of one! 

                       Little Anabelle:

and littler Rebekah:

They are why we enjoy our new fulltime life.  :c)

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  1. Tailwinds are fantastic but I'm sure the road took a turn in the wrong direction if you started getting a broadside gust or two. Blame the engineers. That's what you need to do.

    Those little cousins are sure going to be double trouble in a few years!! Watch them!

  2. sorry to hear about the hubcap!..but the tailwind and the grandbabies make up for it!

  3. I lost my hubcap/dust cover when I had a blowout on the way here. I'm using a Dixie cup as a replacement - it's just the right size!

  4. A tailwind......say it wasn't so!!!

  5. Lots of stuff to see in St. Joe. Pony Express and Patee Hotel museum are both worth a stop.

  6. Nice that the girls will get to live closer to each and get to grow up knowing their cousins!!

  7. Alas, we had to deal with headwinds last weekend; but at least our drive was just 54 miles; not too much impact on the mpg.

  8. I think it is quite cool that the cousins will live relatively close now. Easier for grandparents too!

  9. Oh my, all the cute girlie things things you are going to be purchasing!

  10. HA! 312 leisurely miles. I don't think I've ever driven a day so long. You two are a riot.

    But why wasn't the title I lost my hubcap in Sioux Falls? Has a nice ring to it! Tony might like the change of pace. Hasn't he been singing that song for 60 years or so???

  11. Tailwind is a lovely, yet not too often a lottery guys are in it to win!

  12. butterbean carpenterMay 16, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    Howdy, Marti & Paul,(Grandfolks)

    I just read an article about 'overpopulation' today
    and between y'all, Karen from out in the woods, Donna from Sandwich/Hamburger, IL, now we know the cause!!
    ITZ RVr grand-parents that are doing it.. Their kids just keep on having more g-kids to keep'em happy!!
    Well, it's the grand-parents fault for having kids in the first place!!! Is being from South Dakota mean you get to say you once rode with Buffalo Bill?
    People are always asking what part of SD
    she's from; she says Chicago!! The babies look identical; how're you going to tell'em apart?? They both have the Marti look! WATCH OUT FOR CRAZY HORSE!

  13. We must have gotten the same office person at a different park, plenty of wide open spaces and 1 tree and where do they put us?