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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RV "Truisms"

After almost 10,000 miles of traveling around the United States in our first five months on the road as full timers, we noticed certain things that we call RV "Truisms".  Things that  affect or are a part of life, living and traveling in a recreational vehicle.  Here's our list, destined to grow as we travel more and more.

The size of the bug splat is directly proportional to how clean your windshield is.

A bug splat will always be at your eye level.

The cheapest fuel will be at the station you just passed.

You will always have a headwind, no matter what direction you are traveling.

A rare tailwind will always start one mile from your destination.

Your destination/route change will always be on the crease in the map.

The 30 mile long, single lane construction zone will not have any workers actually present.

The rest area you've been waiting to get to for the last 50 miles will be closed for renovations when you get there.

At a rest area, no matter how far away you park in an empty lot, a truck will always park along side you and leave its engine running.

Likewise, at a campground with 100 empty sites, a camper will always pull into the site right next to yours.

Cars entering the freeway rarely yield like they are supposed to.

It didn't look that far on the map.

The 18 wheeler that just passed you will slow down once it gets in front of you.

The higher the cost of tolls, the worse condition the road will be.

Gas pumps rarely have receipt paper.

You never win arguing with your GPS.

Cell phone coverage is lost right when you need to make that important phone call.

When there is a vehicle in the breakdown lane, there will always be a car to your left so you can't pull over to give it more space.

A narrow bridge will always have a speeding truck coming the other way.

When your exit comes up, you are always in the wrong lane.

The car in front of you brakes for no apparent reason.

Texting drivers are worse than drunk drivers (because there are lots more of them).

At rest areas, the truck/RV parking spaces always smell like a urinal (without the cookie).

The restaurant you want to stop at won't have any place large enough to park your RV.

The predicted 10% chance of rain pours on you all day long.

Family events will be scheduled at the same times in opposite areas of the country.

The bird always poops on the door handle.

And lastly, the car that just passed you makes an immediate right turn in front of you.

Here's looking forward to learning more RV "Truisms" in the next 10,000 miles.  :c)

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  1. hey guys...nice to see your still having a blast..and boy you are so right with all the truisms....for sure!!!! I've been off the grid for a bit...busy busy...

  2. Oh so true! We haven't even left yet and know those 'truisms' :)

  3. No receipt paper ??..oh my goodness my Orcd Is in for a rude awakening!!!

  4. These are so funny and so true! Enjoy reading your blog. Hope the next 10,000 miles are as much fun.

  5. Ha Ha ... that was very cute. You and Murphy probably put some of that list together. You know the man. He's the one that does all the laws.

  6. You are definitely getting the hang of this full time thing:)

  7. Very enjoyable and so true. But that 10,000 miles in five months certainly wore me out.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more! So very true!

  9. Another observation, from wherever I am in the country most of the rest of the country is uphill.

  10. Right on with your truisms, especially with the bug splat/splats!!

  11. Tuisms made us laugh... But 10000 miles in 5 months brought back memories of our first attempt at being full-timer;o(( Hope the next 5 months are a bit slower!! Regardless, enjoy every minute of it:o))

  12. I'll add one...the lost item you are looking for and swear "it's in here somewhere" in a 400 foot square motorhome doesn't turn up till you buy one to replace it.

  13. Ha Ha! It's also always easier to get into a gas station than it is to get out. :)

  14. Those are SO true...and Jeannie is absolutely right too.

    10,000 miles in 5!

  15. Great job Paul. You sure have learned a lot in a short period of time. Jeannie and Judy have true ones too and I think you better add that no matter what site you pick, the folks who want to have campfires but have no idea how to build one will be smokin' on either side of your rig. Especially if you are allergic to smoke.

  16. Truisms are true. Another one for those of us who have roof satellite park in the perfect campsite but there is this one tree branch that is in the way...

  17. butterbean carpenterMay 25, 2012 at 12:30 AM

    Howdy Marti & Paul,
    How true!! How true!! How true!! Now, Paul the truck
    that just passed when you were going 55mph is not going to slow down when he pulls in front of you, but the car that pulls in front will!! EVERY TIME!!!

  18. Wow great list but I think at least a few items will be taken care of by looking on the Internet first. You won't have a crease in the map if you look on line in conjunction with your paper map, you can see all rest area closures on the Internet for that area (usually) and road work, and you can also check current gas prices for most areas on-line too. The rest of course is just something you have to deal with for sure. LOL!

  19. That was absolutely clever and funny! Man does the time fly. You were just selling your house yesterday it seems. I miss reading your posts regularly. I'm looking forward to settling down and having time to return to blogland. Have a very great weekend you two.

  20. I have been following your blog for some time...not full timers yet but definite wanna-be's. I love the truisms...I have an RV-er t-shirt shop, and would like permission to put some of them on a R Sanity credit on the design.

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