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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back To Reality

All good things must come to an end and we had to leave our “vacation” home.  But the memories will always remain and we have pictures to remember all the fun we had at Brant Lake.

Marti and I took our new Sea Eagle out several times and paddled a few miles around the lake.


We admire how New York State maintains the Adirondack Park, it keeps overbuilding out, the beautiful mountains intact and the pristine waters clear and inviting.


There are homes around the lake, they are tastefully placed and range from small bungalows to larger estates, but they are built with certain standards to blend in.  This is one of the nicer homes on the lake with its own boat house.  I could get used to living in a place like this as long as I had room to park the Journey.


Marti has been practicing the Linda Payne style of kayaking, she seems to be getting the hang of it.


We even had a passenger on the Sea Eagle for quite a while as we paddled around the lake.


My brothers brought their motorcycles up to.  The roads through the mountains are lovely for riding.  Gordy brought his Yamaha,


and Dave brought his Harley Electra Glide.  I got a chance to put some serious miles on the Harley, it is quite a machine.  Dave took my dad out for quite a few rides, which he really enjoyed.  Dad had a couple of Harleys and Indians in his younger days.


No, we didn’t let him drive the Harley, he could do it, but at 90 years of age he might have a little trouble holding it up at a stop sign.  I know I did.  :c)

So we just let him drive around in his red convertible, (a Pontiac G-6 hardtop convertible).  Quite the car for a “young” guy.


We had campfires every night and enjoyed the clear skies giving us amazing views of the stars.  We even tried a new invention, a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough added to the chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers to improve on a S’more.  We called it a S’mookie.

Of course, “children” around a campfire tend to get in trouble.  Pretty soon, we were trying to bake cookies in the fire.


That didn’t work too good. Don’t ask how it tasted…

Saturday Marti and I departed and we headed down the New York State Thruway towards New Jersey.  We always enjoy looking at other RVs on the road.  We came across this one that blew our minds.

A Class C Gulfstream Endura (Gas Engine) heading south from Quebec.


This guy was towing a full size pickup truck with two jet skis (on some kind of rollers) and a rigid hull inflatable boat in racks on the truck.  In the back of the motorhome he had an outboard motor hanging on a mount, on top he had a sailboat and a couple of paddle boards.  What you can’t see in the picture is on the front he had a rack with several bicycles.  Heaven knows what he had crammed inside.

He’d have given Howard Payne a stroke if he ever showed up to one of Howard’s RV weighing sessions.

We arrived at Corey and Amanda’s house in New Jersey to reunite with the Journey.  We found a pleasant surprise waiting for us, but that will have to wait for the next post. 

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  1. glad that you made it back home safely! we have to wait for the surprise? fair!

  2. Last picture...and who said you can't take it with you.

  3. Glad you had a good (great!) time in NY. Now back to are a fulltimer!

  4. Love Joe's comment. I never thought a class C could tow or haul all that. Amazing that your father is still driving at 90. I'm not sure I should be driving at my comparatively younger age. :-) The cliff hanger is NO FAIR!

  5. Yes, all good times do come to an end. Glad your family was able to spend some time with your Dad, I bet he loved the rumble of the Harley. You know, we do need a video of entering and exiting the Sea Eagle.

  6. Sounds like you had a marvelous family outing!! Now you'll have to start planning the next one for summer 2013. Maybe by then you'll have your own Harley with a rack on front of the Journey!

  7. Your dad looks pretty cute in that snazzy car :)

    As for the mighty towing RV, what kind of thought process does it take to even think that's a good idea? Scary.

  8. I'm going to show Mike's 90 year old Dad the photo of your Dad in the convertible--he has a red truck and still drives, too.

  9. Janna, my dad has a red truck and still drives too...

    (but he is blind in one eye and not too good with the other, and we are starting the struggle to surrender the keys)

    That overladen RV is an accident waiting to happen, I'll bet!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Glad I'm not driving anywhere near that class thats alot of "stuff" the pic of your dad in his go dad!!!! Age is just a number...can't wait to hear what the surprise is...what a great family gathering you all had...nothing like building memories....

  11. oy, vey! That's a ton of stuff! Makes you wonder if he's going to make it wherever he's going without a breakdown! Loved the "s'mookie" idea. Great family gathering....thanks for sharing..

  12. Your dad looks good in that cool car!

  13. I like your Sea Eagle. I knew somebody that had one, but it was a lot bulkier. It looks like your's would be easier to control. Have fun with it!

  14. That’s a lot of stuff there! How many long was your vacation? You should’ve brought hotdogs and marshmallows instead. Anyway, there’s always a first time for everything. Haha! A campfire really is the best!

    --Rosalinda Rudloff