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Sunday, July 29, 2012


How could we be so close to “Bean Town” and not take advantage of some of the sites?  Since it is a big city, we decided to ditch the car and head in by train, about an hour ride to Boston’s South Station.



The first thing we did was purchase tickets for a city tour via trolley and a 45 minute boat tour of the harbor.  We caught it right, they had a special price, $20 for unlimited stops and reboarding of the trolley at various stops around the city.  The boat tour was included in the price. :c)


We took the trolley up to meet the tour boat.


Starting off, there was fog over the harbor,


and also over the city, but it began to lift.



There were many interesting sights to see, including this old, retired Coast Guard lightship that has been converted to a luxury yacht.  I had a chance to tour the inside of the Nantucket a couple of years ago on a trip with the Coast Guard Commandant.  It is really beautiful on the inside.  The best part?  It is for sale, for a mere seven million dollars.


There was the Old North Church where Paul Revere had the “One if by land, two if by sea” lanterns hung.  Despite all the skyscrapers, you can see why he chose the church as a lookout and signal post.


The famous U.S. Navy frigate, the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) resting at her pier.  She is the oldest commissioned warship in the world, being built in 1787 and won her claim to fame in the War of 1812, but that is for an upcoming post.


We went past the Coast Guard base and saw some large, 270 foot cutters.  Here is the USCGC Spenser.


I was surprised to see an old friend visiting Boston from her home port in NYC.  The USCGC Hawser.


The Hawser is a 65’ harbor tug that is special to our family.  I served aboard her in 1985 and my son Ryan served on her 2006 to 2008.  Many good memories.

There are many cool condos around the harbor.  For 2.7 million dollars you can have one of these.  For another $50,000, you can also purchase a parking space, for one car.


Later we headed up to the North End, Little Italy for some fine Italian cuisine. We were not disappointed.  We enjoyed the small, tight streets,


and some of the fine pastries in the bakeries.  (Don’t look Sherry!)



These little guys were pleading with their eyes for me to purchase some of them, but I was strong.  I didn’t buy any of them because they don’t come with a membership to Weight Watchers.


We also strolled by Paul Revere’s statue in front of the Old North Church.


On the front of the church is this large plaque honoring its place in American history.



Next post I will answer this question:  “Why are there no ropes on the USS Constitution?”


Which brings me to…The End!


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  2. Thanks for taking us along on your tour and we will be waiting to hear your "line" on the ropes.

  3. Great price for such a good tour! And what reasonable prices on all the potential places to retire. Don't look at pastries??? hahahahaha

  4. I'm glad more folks are beginning to experience the joy of "The End". :)

  5. nice tour of Boston!!...too bad about the cupcakes!

  6. Boston is so much fun. Glad you took the time to visit some of the great sites.

  7. I suppose if you pay $2.7 million for a condo, $50,000 for a parking place is in line. Nice harbor tour.

  8. We love Boston. What a great city. Thanks for taking us along.

  9. I love Boston - there is a little sub shop in Little Italy that is absolutely the BEST. :)

  10. Wow boat trips, trolley riding, Italian dinning and pastries. Are you sure you weren't in London or Paris lol.

    I would love to go for a visit to Boston. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nice tour of Boston. Glad you were able to see an "old friend."

  12. As much as we hate big cities, that looks like a fun way to see one.

  13. Great tour; reminds me of some of the things we did on foot several years ago. The trolley would have been easier on our feet.

  14. North End for Italian is the best

  15. I love Boston and the Freedom Trail. I think they must have trimmed the trees about Paul's statue. I swear I couldn't get a shot of him with the church in the background in '07. Good one.

  16. love that area....its been years (many years) since I've been there...enjoy your time there...!!! wow on the parking spots and condos

  17. Public Transportation is the only way to go in BOSTON:o)) Nice tour and really enjoyed the pictures of the bakery. No calories in looking!!!

  18. Enjoyed your tour through Boston. . .you take pics of all the Coast Guard Cutters. . .my hubby takes pics of all the Fire Department Boats. . .I'm pretty sure we have one of the Boston Harbour FD. . .the Seattle Harbour FD. . .the New York City Harbour FD. . .you get the picture. . .LOL!