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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yacht In A Box

We’ve gone and done it.  Something I swore I’d never do.  After all the years I spent struggling with these things in the Coast Guard and seeing how expensive they are to own, I promised myself I’d never own a boat.  Until now.

Due to the bad influence of fellow RV travelers like Bill and Nancy, Gin and Syl, Sherry and David, Karen and Al, Judy, Howard and Linda, Laurie and George, (just to name a few) we found ourselves mezmorized by all their adventures on the deep blue seas.

 Weakening in the knees, I clicked on the Sea Eagle Boats 4 Less website and we bought our very own yacht in a box, a Sea Eagle 370.


In only three days of placing our order, the FedEx truck dropped off this box.

Opening it up revealed a tightly packed bunch of goodies.




We unrolled the hull across our picnic table to set up the boat.


It required installing these air fill plugs in various places around the hull.  Some were well hidden and took a couple minutes of searching to find where they went and then install them.


Using the foot pump, we had the boat inflated in no time.  It actually took longer to install the air fill fittings than it did to pump up the boat.


The two paddles snapped together…in a snap

We bought the recommended optional high quality seats.  Can’t be too chintzy when it comes to our delicate bottoms!


It looks like a well made product that will live up to its reputation. 

Now the fun part, deflating and rolling the boat up small enough to fit in the carry bag.


This was one place were the instructions were pretty vague and hard to understand.  We tried several different ways that appeared right until we found the exact combination to roll it up.  It took us longer to pack up the boat than to set the whole thing up.  But then, I have trouble rolling up my socks, so give me a little leeway here.


Finally we got it right and fit everything in the bag.


The week after next we’re going to my family reunion at Brant Lake in the NY State Adirondacks.  Can’t think of a better place for our Sea Eagle’s maiden voyage.

And yes, we will be wearing life jackets.  That’s ingrained in my brain, for some reason. ;c)

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  1. Once a Coastie, always a Coastie. I'm pretty sure salt water was injected into the veins at boot camp. Happy sailing.

  2. Woohoo, you're part of the SE family now :) We'll all have a regatta or somethin' sometime!

    George and I bought a cheap lingerie bag at Wally world to put the pump in. Keeps it all in one place..just an FYI :)

  3. Kathy and I have had ours since last fall and still haven't gotten it wet yet. Either in September or January with the Manatee in Florida. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. ALL RIGHT you two!! Way to go! Although I know you REALLY bought it so you could attend Sea Eagle Regatta South at the Carolina Clan gathering. Hope we can make it.

  5. That lake sounds like a great place to float your boat. Row, row row your boat...

  6. I will be reading with great interest. Karen and Al went thru several before they got one that didn't leak. I wonder how long it will take to dry before rollin back up, Lots of interest. Lots of questions.

  7. Well Alright:o))) Hope you love it as much as we do!!! We will have a Sea Eagle regatta in November. So get your practice in now;o))

  8. I'm interested in how it's going to work out and if you're going to stay afloat. I went kayaking in the Caribbean with a friend. We kept flipping over. Isn't there supposed to be a lot of salt in that water to keep you floating?

  9. You will love your Sea Eagle! We were out on the lake today in ours. It is the perfect RV companion. Ours is almost 3 years old and we've had no problems. Love it.

  10. Will it fit into one of the "Store-less" compartments?

  11. Congratulations on the Sea Eagle guys! We've had the Paddle Ski for a couple of years now, but haven't gotten to use it as much as we'd like yet. The times we have, however, it has worked flawlessly and seems well built.

  12. Ohh looks like you guys are in for a lot of FUN!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  13. congrats on your new purchase!!..I am sure it will give you many hours of enjoyment!!

  14. Just make sure the USCG has certified your boat as sea-worthy before you go row-row-rowing away :-)) Have fun

  15. That is so cool! I love how small it rolls up. Can't wait to see how you like it in the water. I recommend sitting in the back - then you don't really have to paddle very hard....

  16. I bet you especially never thought you would own a boat that rolled up! Bon Voyage!