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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Such A Lucky Guy

Not everyday as a fulltime RVer is filled with exciting travel to exotic locals, seeing amazing sites.  Somedays, not much of anything goes on, especially when you are "Moochdocking".

Sitting here at Marti's sister's house in Rhode Island, we've been trying to come up with some fun things to do while sister Gail is working during the day.  If you've been reading our blog for a while you know that Marti and I each like certain things that the other doesn't.  Shopping and museums come to mind.

I've have rediscovered how much I enjoy reading, and have been tearing through many excellent books on my Kindle, Marti has been enjoying crafting and has spent time sewing dresses for our granddaughters.  She's even ordered a new sewing machine to be able to take on more detailed sewing projects.

Right now Marti is out geocaching.  She is looking for one that has eluded her for several days.  I went with her the other evening and eventually talked her into leaving before the local constabulary came along.  When you are walking all around a business after hours looking around windows, doors, in plants and edges of the building, well it looks very suspicious.  Me and handcuffs don't get along, well we used to, but I was the one putting them on someone else.

Taking  a break from my latest adventure novel, allowing my heartbeat to return to normal, I thought I'd take a look at the spam comments on my blog.  Judy of Travels with Emma, mentioned the other day that she had lots of comments on her blog winding up in the spam comments filter.  I thought maybe I should check out my spam filter to see if I had missed any blog comments from my loyal readers.

I did, in fact, find a couple.  However, I found so many more hidden treasures there I would have never known about had I not looked.  Judy, I owe you big time!

I now have inherited millions of dollars from the King of Isabullfullstan, all I have to do is send my bank account information and it will be deposited immediately.  Oh boy, the shiny new Winnebago Tour will be ours in no time.

But wait, I also have perfect matches waiting for me on several dating websites!  Wonder how my real perfect match feels about that?

Then I have several insurance companies guaranteeing me the lowest premiums, I'll be saving tons of money for diesel fuel in that new Winnie.

I also can get free 30 day supplies of Viagra, Cialis and other performance enhancing drugs.  Guess we might be a little busy with all that stuff and have to postpone novel reading and geocaching for a while.

Included in the spam comments are offers from the DNC and the RNC to contribute money so they can continue to vilify each other's presidential candidates.  That is a hard one to pass up...

Also available is all kinds of health and beauty products, to give me clearer skin, less cellulite, more muscles, better eyesight, whiter teeth and to be able to enlarge certain body parts for more enjoyment.  Wow, how'd I survive before all this makeover stuff?

The big disappointment is that there are many more comments, but they are in different languages, so I might be missing out on the real mother lode.  Then again, with all this other stuff, what more could a person need anyway.

I'm glad I checked those spam comments, life is really going to be better now,  how could one guy be so lucky?

Before I send off for all this stuff, I have to go back to my Kindle and find out how the hero is going to save the world.  While I'm at it, I'll keep my cell phone near for that phone call from Marti after she gets picked up by the police for suspicious activity.  I'll have the bail money ready.

Just another lazy day in the fulltimers life.  :c)

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  1. Fun post for a lazy day ... which I don't believe it really is :-)))

  2. Haha! Funny post! I have to check my spam folder every couple days cuz the Russians want me something fierce :) It's not unusual for them to leave 25-30 messages a day. Occasionally a real comment gets mixed up in there though, so I always check. No one wants to give me money though so you are a lucky guy :)

  3. See Paul, you had another complete life hiding in you spam folder. I would ask you to share your good fortune, but why should you when I have the same life waiting in my spam folder. Let the good times roll.

  4. way to funny Paul and all this time I have been deleting my spam without looking in it. Well now I must check it. Hope Marti found her treasure. (and know I am not talking about you lol)

    Take Care

  5. If you don't have enough bail money - just holler and we'll all pitch in. I don't get all those wonderful spam offers. Guess I'm not exciting enough. Thank goodness.

  6. Hmm..I get more spam from Good Sam club than anything else :) Some of it I *want* to read!

    Tell Marti she should be getting those pedicures in while she's waiting on Gail :)

  7. I will now have to check out my spam folder..meat in a can..gotta love it!!..ewww!

  8. I'm not sure why I get all those Viagra spam things. What good would it do me?? :/

    I'm more than happy to brighten up your day. :) Does that mean that if we cross paths again, you really will wash my rig?

  9. Sounds like you get the same kind of offers I get. However, since we have no need for extra money, body enhancing creams or drugs, I turned them all down. Good thing I did or the offers wouldn't have come your way. You can just thank us by paying for that steak dinner next time we meet.

  10. OK is this email spam or blogger spam? I'm being left out of both mostly. I'm just so unlucky. Although I did win some space bags not too long ago.

  11. We were questioned by the police a couple times looking for geocaches. We had the official paper from geocache website to show him, then he wanted to help find it.

    I too look at the spam filter, looks like we get the same kinds of things with a good one mixed in occasionally.

    Great blog!

  12. How come I don't get any about inheriting millions of dollars? All I get is ads for viagra for women...

  13. That's all spam is good for, a great laugh. Hope Marti finds her cache!

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. Hmmm. Your span is certainly more interesting than mine. I just get a lot of non words like flksaordfjdsmnvslesdjfksnfns