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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sea Eagle Success

Hopefully I can get this post up, the Internet coverage has been very spotty.

My brothers, sister and I gave my dad a present for his 90th birthday last December, a family gathering up at Brant Lake, NY where we spent many happy summer vacations growing up.


We all drove up, my dad in his red convertible, and met at a great vacation rental my sister-in-law found on line.



The house sleeps up to twenty six, and there is room for all of us, brothers, sisters, spouses, even a few grandkids (none of ours, sadly).


The house is right on Brant Lake, located in the heart of the Adirondack Park.  This is the view looking right out the back porch.


We took the Sea Eagle out on its maiden voyage.  It works well, it doesn’t handle like a canoe or a hard side kayak, but we had lots of fun.  We still need to perfect the technique of getting in and out of it, as well as coordinating our paddling.  Too often we banged paddles.  We need more practice.


Marti got the hang of the Linda Payne position really quickly.  We paddled around some islands,


and this great house built on an island in the lake.


The views around the lake are stunning.


We enjoyed having a campfire in the evening. My dad, my three brothers, me and Marti.


My sister and her daughter and two of my sister-in-laws.


The weather has been absolutely perfect, sunny, warm, no humidity and cool nights.  We picked a great week to come.

Now we need to get out in the Sea Eagle and practice some more.  Sometimes you can have fun without your RV, but we don’t want to make a habit out of it!  ;c)

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  1. Bill and I just said this morning we wondered how you made out with the Sea Eagle:o)) Sounds like you did just fine. However, if Marty has truly mastered the Linda Payne kayaking technique, you could NOT be hitting paddles ;o))

    Nice to see the whole family making and renewing memories!!!

  2. glad to hear that you are all having a great time!..and a belated Happy Birthday to your Dad!..
    as for paddling?..Marti looks mighty comfy sitting up front!

  3. I wondered how your new Sea Eagle would be able to take the wild seas. It looks as though it's lots of fun. I would definitely want one of those if we were going to be around smooth lakes. However, I'd have to be guaranteed it wouldn't tip.

    Looks like a great place to visit. Enjoy yourselves ... I'm sure you are.

  4. Looks like a wonderful vacation spot. By the way Paul, as captain of the Sea Eagle it's your responsibility to whip the crew into shape.

  5. Way to go Marti! Let the man do the work! I'm all for that!

  6. How great is it that your Dad is 90! Wow.
    Looks like a fabulous place.
    The heat gave up and moved on I see.
    Have fun!

  7. Would love to see a picture of your dad's convertible. How cool!

    Mighty envious of your cooler temps!

  8. vacations in a beautiful spot. Sounds wonderful! Glad to see you enjoying the water. Have fun!

  9. Oh yeah...George paddles because I can't coordinate with him. (Maybe on purpose!) We finally have the embarking & disembarking down pat.

    Looks like you are having a great time!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful family outing. We had our maiden See Eagle voyage this last week also. Carolyn was leerie at first but settled in quickly.

  11. We really should get our fathers together - yours with his red convertible and mine with his little Triumph Spitfire.

  12. Looks like a great location!
    This is what the mobility of RVing is all about.
    Glad to see you enjoyed your Sea Eagle. We do.

  13. Wow what a great looking place for a family gathering! I just LOVE the idea of your 90 year old father in his red convertible. I want to be just like him when I grow up. My dad would love that! He's 91 but has severe macular degeneration so his life isn't nearly that much fun!

    Marti I think you are going to have to practice the LP kayaking technique a little harder if you really want to get your graduation certificate. You don't even hold the paddle let alone bump paddles. Repeat after me: Feet up, paddle out of sight.

  14. Looks like a great time was had by all. Another time or 2 in the Sea Eagle and you'll have it down pat.

  15. Well, I was just going to say the same thing that my sister Barbara said, but she beat me to it.

  16. Glad you guys had a successful maiden voyage! We're looking at the same thing, beats hauling around our hard sided ones. We'll wait for your in depth (not from the bottom of the lake)review though. Happy Birthday to your dad!!!

  17. Great birthday party and glad to hear no one had to call the Coast Guard:)

  18. Guess if you are not going to be in your RV that place will do.