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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fantasy Wildlife

Judy, Nancy, Sherry and of course Al are some of the best wildlife photographers you’ll ever see out in Blog Land. 

Not to be outdone, I’ve had the chance to reach their level of expertise while on our cruise on the Disney Fantasy.  Looking around the ship, I found all kinds of amazing creatures, like these seagulls overlooking one of the buffets.


Outside of one of the kid’s areas was this colorful parrot.


Strange as it may seem, there was even an assortment of wildlife waiting to welcome us to bed each evening.

A swan.


An Elephant.


A Peacock.


Even a Lobster.


Not to be outdone by the talented housekeeper who made these amazing creations by using towels and blankets, I came up with this Boa Constrictor.


Looks like Donald Duck had better keep his movements to walking instead of flying.


Now that I’m all “Cruised Out”, I can get back to RV posts.  :c)

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  1. I do love you sense of humor, Paul. Made for a great laugh.

  2. You've entered into the canon of wildlife photographers. Perhaps a coffee table book or National Geographic will come calling. Catching that Boa Constrictor must have been a very dangerous mission.

  3. Great blog post, got a good chuckle.

  4. We enjoyed reading about your adventure on the water. That wildlife was sure well behaved :)

  5. Not only are your Wildlife photos magnificent, but you even knew the names of each and every one!! I now know who to call on to help me identify the ones I don't recognize;o))

  6. I agree with others. What great wildlife shots. Next time give us some pictures of the real thing.

  7. We always look forward to the towel "animals" each evening when we return to our room on cruises.

  8. Your talents rival the housekeepers, maybe you could get a job there.

  9. And I felt silly showing one of our towel arts:)

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