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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere, And What To Do?

Who needs land anyway when you’re cruising with Mickey?  We saw him often wandering about the ship. 


He was always happy to stop and pose with passengers.


The first two days were “at sea” days, with no land in sight.  So what did we do to keep from getting bored?  Food, of course!  From buffets with all kinds of delicious offerings,



to three enchanting dining rooms that we rotated through, a different themed place every evening.  One dinning room was called the Animators Palate, where it was decorated to resemble a Disney cartoon workshop.



Another one was the Royal Court, with beautiful tiled mosaics depicting Disney stories.


Or even other decorations.


Marti and I even celebrated the 10 year anniversary of our fiftieth birthdays while we were there.  Marti is four days older than me (yep, she’s my cougar!).


The dinners were rotated through three restaurants, and the fun thing is you are assigned two servers, who rotate with you and really get to know you.  Our servers were Dewayne from Jamaica and Annamarija from Croatia.  They were fabulous and it was a bunch of tearful hugs when we had to say goodbye to them on our last night.


They went above and beyond and spoiled us rotten.  We wanted to take them home with us.  Unfortunately, we bought too many T-shirts to have had room for them in our suitcases.  The good news is we were able to request them for our cruise next year, so we’ll see them again. 

I’d better pause here to collect my thoughts for the next post about how the ship was taken over by pirates, it was a terrifying experience!   :cO

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  1. How cool that your servers rotate with you. Two days at sea, good thing the buffets were open :)

  2. Got to love the servers on a cruise ship. They will do anything for you and make really good tips for what they do.They actually make very good money bit are way from from their families for very long periods of time.
    We have enjoyed every cruise that we have been one, glad you did too.

  3. I can just tell by the tone of your voice that you had a great time. I thought Disney World was a wonderful birthday but I think you two out did me. BTW, I'm older than David by a month. That's why I'm so much wiser. You too, right Marti?

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Did you get at least a little bit tempted to take a dive into that beautiful sea? Or did you just watch it as you rolled along. Too bad that Mickey didn't choose to be one of your servers. You could have had him next year too.

    1. Don't think I'd like having a mouse for a server. Probably only get served cheese and peanut butter! ;)

  5. Sounds like your family is growing or did your Servers adopt you;o)) Disney just has a way of doing things right!!!

    Now if they would just can the Magic Bans:o(((

  6. You're making me want to take another cruise.

  7. My niece and her family went on a Disney cruise and did lots of cool stuff that was for the kids, but I thought looked like fun. My favorite was when they drew a character which was then animated on screens around the room.

  8. What a great way to celebrate birthdays! Is Mickey older or younger than you two? By the way..... I am 9 months older than John. Wisdom is what we bring to you younger boys.

  9. Ohhh, I feel the need to cruise again coming on strong!!