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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Should Have Missed The Boat Here

If there ever was an island to be marooned on, this one was it:  Disney’s Castaway Cay. 


It is a private island owned by Disney and a final stop on most of the Caribbean cruises.  The ship is backed up to the pier.


A short walk down the pier and you hop on a tram to take you to several of the beaches, including an adult only beach.


Running down the middle of the island is a runway built during WWII, a great place to ride a rental bike.


Not only can you rent a bike,


Disney even has beach wheelchairs for the physically challenged to enjoy the sand and water.


Flowers abound all around the island.



What would an island be without palm trees?


We enjoyed the beach and the sugar white sand.


The only incident that marred our perfect day was this drunk that staggered down the beach.


I don’t know why, but women seemed to be attracted to him for some reason.


The water was cool, but once we got in, it was wonderful.  There were little fish and conch shells (with live occupants) all over.  We practically had the ocean to ourselves.


Around the island, there are several eateries serving all you could (possibly) eat BBQ style food.  It was delicious and free, included in the price of the cruise.  There are all kinds of fun things for kids and families to do.  Boats, jets skis, water bikes for rent.  Water slides and all kinds of things for kids to play in, on and around in the crystal blue water.

There are interesting sights around the island, too.




Since the island is in the Bahamas, there is a post office where you can send a letter or a postcard with a Bahamian stamp.  The office had an interesting fellow out front.  Marti didn’t see me snap a picture of her giving him a kiss.  Should I be jealous?


It was a wonderful, too short day.  We had to be back on the ship in time for dinner.  The day was, however, long enough to have the maintenance workers scrub the ship while we were gone.  Even Dumbo pitched in and was giving some finishing touches to the stern.


It was a great time on a real island paradise.  If I could get a job working there, I’d gladly go back to work!

After the Fantasy got underway for our final night and headed back towards Port Canaveral, we sat out on our veranda and enjoyed an amazing sunset.


Now you can understand why we’ve already booked another cruise for January 2016.  We keep asking ourselves “Why did we wait so long?”

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  1. Leave it to Disney to own the perfect island and leave it for the grand finale.What a great time you have had. Did you join the club?

  2. Yes why did you wait so long ? It is a very fun way to explore.

  3. Perhaps Castaway Cay has a volunteer village?!?!! With your experience you would be a shoe in;o)) Really... what a wonderful cruise and a grand finale!!!

  4. That is nice- much nicer than the private islands of other cruise lines.

  5. Thanks for the tour! You have me even more looking forward to the Disney cruise we are going on next April. :)

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. However, maybe it was the long tresses on that drunk. Or, maybe because they thought he was Blackbeard and had lots of gold pieces.

  7. We want to take a Disney cruise. Someday.

  8. Now that island makes me want to try a Disney cruise! Very nice!

  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed your cruise so much. I think my favorite place was Castaway Island. I think you need to take all the grand treasures with you on the next trip. :)

  10. Looks like some research is in order. Don't think it's in our budget, unless they take workampers? :)

  11. Johnny Depp is on that island?! I definitely wanna go there ! :-)

  12. Glad to hear that your first cruise turned out so well. It's certainly an escape from the day-to-day experience of most working folks. Oh wait, we're not included in that group anymore.

  13. Looks like you had a ball. What great memories. Sorry you are not here in Quartzsite for the Bloggerfest today.....where the bloggers are coming to meat one another.

  14. Only Disney would think to have Dumbo hanging off the stern working away.