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Friday, May 22, 2015

Cedar Key, Florida

A visit to this wonderful little island on Florida’s West coast has been on our bucket list for a long time.  Since we were traveling up said coast, we pulled the trigger and drove over.

Cedar Key has a reputation of being a place where the 1950’s visited and never left.  After our stay, we’d agree with that.  All incredibly friendly people, small businesses and colorful homes with nary a Wal-Mart in sight.


Humorous signs were all over the town.


I’m not sure if the buzzard by the “Marriages  Performed” sign had anything to do with how long wedded bliss would or wouldn’t last.


I even got a pelican to remain in one place long enough for me to actually get a bird picture.  How’s that, Judy, Nancy and Sherry?  :c)


One of the main reasons we wanted to visit Cedar Key was to meet Pat and Cindy Bonish, who write the blog Every Miles a Memory.  I’ve been a reader for years and they’ve settled down in Cedar Key and run the Low Key Hideaway Motel and RV Park.


The best part of their business is their Tiki Bar right behind the motel.


It is a wonderful, colorful, eclectic place where locals, friends and travelers gather with Pat and Cindy for a great social time.  We enjoyed getting to know Pat and Cindy and in no time felt like we’d been friends forever. 

The Tiki Bar is covered with all kinds of hilarious decorations and license plates from every American state as well as many international ones.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to contribute and we gave Pat one of our old “R SANITY” license plates that adorned the Journey when we lived in Virginia. (You can see the plate on the Journey in our header picture, taken before we retired and changed our domicile to South Dakota).

We left this morning to continue our trek to St. Louis.  Both Marti and I felt if we ever had the opportunity to buy a slice of Florida, it would be in Cedar Key.  :c)

PS:  I neglected to mention the best Key Lime Pie I found in Key West was from the Key Lime Pie and Coconut Factory.  A big slice of frozen Key Lime Pie on a popsicle stick dipped in dark chocolate.  Nothing can be more decadent than that…and delicious!   :c)

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  1. Dark chocolate makes most everything outstanding!

  2. I forgot to mention, if you can't get a picture of a pelican in Florida, you'd better pack it in young man. ;)

  3. Put anything on a stick and its better, dip it in chocolate and WOW

  4. It's all about food. The reason you visited Florida is so you could ge a piece of key lime pie. We have a Tiki Bar. I think you should come and see our Tiki Bar.

  5. Paul what CG did you stay in while in the Cedar Key area. We're looking for CGs along the Gulf coast area.

    1. We stayed at the Cedar Key RV Resort. They are a Passport America park, too. Nice, clean and sites spaced out. We'll use it again on our next visit.

    2. Thanks Paul. That looks like a nice park.

  6. Glad you made it there and got to Meet Pat and Cindy, great couple!!!

  7. Glad you made it there and got to Meet Pat and Cindy, great couple!!!

  8. Sounds like you have to known sign language to interpret and get around in Cedar Key ;-)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful visit and love the Tiki Bar!

  10. We too felt the same way, in fact, we investigated buying a coffee shop which was for sale right on the water. I think a lot of people succumb to Cedar Key "fever!"

  11. Well, it's official. We are the ONLY ones who don't like Cedar Key.

  12. From all the bloggers who live in Cedar Key, it must be a great place!

  13. Gee, yet another place I need to put on my "visiting list." Thanks for sharing - well everything except the key lime desert as I'm now drooling... ;-)

  14. I don't know if it counts as key lime pie when it's dipped in chocolate. Never stopped in Cedar Key, now I'm sorry we missed it.

  15. I'm with Barbara. That is fake Key Lime pie :) I just found a recipe for Key Lime Pie Cheesecake...gonna have to try that one :)