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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Key West, Baby!

We did a look back, the last time Marti and I were in Key West was in December 2004.  We were there over New Years Eve, where they dropped a conch shell from a pole over Sloppy Joe’s Cafe to celebrate the New Year.  Only in Key West.

We talked about returning for years and we finally made it.  (Phew!).  After our glass repair, we headed on down the Florida West Coast.  We tried to stay off the toll roads and ended up on many local roads, lots of traffic and stop lights.  We’ll certainly plan our route back North much more carefully.

But all was not lost.  We found a great Passport America Park in Naples, FL, the Naples RV Resort.  The word “Resort” is usually means “expensive” but with the Passport America discount, we had a FHU 50amp site for $22.  Can’t beat that.  Plus, they had a great pool, where we cooled off for quite a while.


When this park was built, they kept lots of the natural trees, so it made it even more beautiful, as well as cool and shady.


We set off this morning at 10:45, and drove 225 miles to the Navy Base on Key West.  Along the way we made a stop to say hello to a Florida native, he even smiled for the camera.


We enjoyed the beautiful sights of the ocean as we crossed many of the Overseas Highway Bridges.



Unfortunately, the road wasn’t always a clear as this, there was lots of slow moving traffic.


We arrived at the Sigsbee Naval Air Station Key West Campground.  Of course, there are no FHU sites available right now, so we had to go into the boondock section.  They use a rotation here so in about two days we should be able to rotate into a FHU site.  FHU sites are only for two weeks and then you’d have to go into the boondock section until another FHU site opened up.  It’s a fair system and everyone takes a turn. 

Generator hours are from 7am to 11pm.  With temps right about 93 degrees right now, it could be a tough couple of nights sleeping without a/c.  Thank goodness we have a nice 12v fan and three big batteries to get us through the night.

Of course, you can’t complain about the view!


We’ll be meeting some RV friends down here and our niece who lives on Key Largo.  Hope we don’t wear ourselves out from all the fun!

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  1. Good luck sleeping in those temps! Maybe you should go to Margaritaville.

  2. There's no shortage of places to cool down in Key West. It might even be easier just to take the shuttle instead of trying to find a place to park.
    I know it's not that long ago we were there but you are still making us jealous.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We wouldn't be able to sleep, why we don't boondock.

  4. I certainly we were meeting you there too but our time down that way has to be put off. Enjoy yourselves and then tell us all about it.

  5. WOW...that is some warm weather!!! least you are finally in The Keys:o)) Now don't get into too much mischief, but do have a wonderful time!!!

  6. Now enjoy Key West while you are there always a fun town.
    Good deal on the campground too.

  7. Watch out for the diesel fumes; I understand it can get bad. Enjoy Key West ... you're braver than us to visit at this time of the year.

  8. ahhh the sacrifices we make to land in a spot like that... we need to make a return trip to the keys...

  9. Good to see that you two are actually out traveling again. On land, I mean. Enjoy the Keys.

  10. Love all the pictures of the Keys. Wish we could get there someday!

  11. I don't think either one of us would sleep under those conditions. You are brave people! Hope you don't have to wait too long.

  12. Hi, I recommend while you are in the Keys to consider watching the movie True Lies
    You will recognize the bridges in the final scene of the movie. Husband and I really liked the movies especially after a visit to Key West. The Arnold in the Jet scene is a little silly as it's easy to see that it's really attached to a crane but other than that it's a fun movie.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I've watched that movie several times, it's one of my all time favorites! :c)

  13. We were afraid you'd end up in the boondock section. It seems there are more people still in the Keys than previous years. No one seems to want to head north (including us).

    I hope you get a FHU site today. I can't imagine being able to sleep without AC but at least the breezes have picked up.

    We're trying to recover from our 4 days boating and I'm not sure we have enough energy for much. :) What are you plans this week? I know you want to visit someone in Key Largo.

    1. We're going to visit with our niece on Wednesday, but not sure exactly where or when. Other than that, we're free all week. We plan on leaving Monday, May 18.

  14. I think you are brave to go to the Keys in late May too. 93 degrees and no AC. WHEW........... I am surprised that the park in Naples honored PPA. Guess they just don't over the winter which apparently ends in April there. LOL Nice that they left the trees.

  15. Enjoy the Keys. The last and only time I was there, with my parents, we traveled across the old bridges! The new ones weren't there yet.

    Have fun and stay cool! ;-)

  16. It is hard to beat the Navy Base for a place to stay in Key West!