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Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally Set Up In Key West

We spent just two nights in the boondock section of the Naval Station Key West campground.  They have generator hours from 7am to 11pm, which made for some interesting sleeping conditions.


We cranked up the air conditioner (actually set the temp way down), closed off the bedroom and shut all the registers in the front of the Journey to force as much cold air into the bedroom as possible.  At 11pm, I had to shut everything down and turn off the generator.  The cool air in the bedroom lasted a couple of hours, then it got hot (93 degrees) and sticky.  I have a 12 volt fan that we put in a window to try and keep some air moving and it worked fairly well.  I also set my alarm for 7am, so when it went off, I jumped up, started the a/c and we enjoyed another hour or so of cool sleeping before starting our day.

I found a note stuck in our door saying we had an assigned spot in the FHU area of the campground as of 10 am this morning.  We pulled chocks and got over there a couple of minutes after 10.  It’s a nice spot, and the FHUs are just great.


Because we’re right next to some palm trees, I had to break out my portable satellite dish, the rooftop receiver was unable to get a clear signal.  As I went inside to connect the cable to the DVR, I left a basement door open from where I store the dish.  When I came out, there was a 2 foot long iguana poking his nose into the compartment.  I said “Boo!” to him and he ran off and climbed up the palm tree next to the Journey.

Note to self:  Add check all basement compartments for stowaways before leaving Key West.  ;c)

The FHUs are wonderful, with the a/c running, it should be a great night’s sleep.

We were happy to break away from the cool inside of the Journey to head a few miles up the Keys to meet up with Karen and Al, fellow full time RVers, who have an RV lot nearby. 


We’ve gotten to know them via our blogs and Facebook, but nothing beats sitting down and chatting in person.  They had a favorite eatery right on the water where we met and had a great time.  They introduced me to a Hogfish sandwich, which was just great, a new favorite for me.  I can see a few less hogfish in the ocean and on my plate while I’m here in Key West this week.

We have a niece, Emily, we’re going to meet on Wednesday, who lives up in Key Largo, as well as a young lady, Jen, who grew up with our daughter when we were stationed in New Jersey.  She is married to a Coastie who is stationed here in Key West.  Jen was our “second daughter” and we’ll enjoy seeing her, too.

 I have another mission to accomplish here in Key West.  I have to find and sample the best Key Lime pie, should be a fun task.  I didn’t gain any weight on our recent cruise, so this is a chance to make up for it!  :cD

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  1. Nice that you were able to move to a FHU site and not have to worry about running the generator for the AC in that heat.

    It's always nice to meet up with fellow bloggers, we have done that a few times ourselves. Enjoy your time in the Keys.

  2. That's great that you get to try out the RV Park at Key West. I'm waiting for a full report on the wonderful time you're having. (I'm also jealous that you're there.)

  3. So very nice to meet up with Karen & Al! We dined with them when we were near to their lot in GA, met them halfway from the RV rally we were attending. Nice you can meet up with old friends too!

  4. We use our fantastic fan in the roof vent a lot really creates a nice breeze. We close all the windows but just open the bedroom ones for a lovely breeze.
    Nice that you met Karen and Al, we came real close a couple years ago when we were in the keys, they arrived the day we were leaving.

  5. Amazed at no weight gain on your cruise. That chef may be in trouble if this gets out. ;-). Al and Karen are becoming famous, we have met them too!! Glad you are in the FHU. Not sure how I would do with 93 during the day even.

  6. That poor iguana was probably seeking some cooling comfort and you were too mean to share it ;-)) Kermit's in Key West has some good key lime pie-on-a-stick.

  7. We use our fantastic fans when we can turn off the AC at night. We vent the air out, open one window in the bedroom and we found it's the best way to cool down. Of course when the overnight temps are 78 degrees and humid. you don't get much cool.

    It was so nice to meet with you both. We're hoping to see you again before you leave.....if you're not too busy with all your friends and Key Lime Pie search. There is a good place nearby called Sugarloaf Baking Company. They have wonderful baked goods and Al said the Key Lime pie looked very good. It's uptown from us on Sugarloaf Key gulf side, about MM 25. Al went crazy when I sent him for a breakfast croissant and spent $25!

  8. 93 degrees. Ah, but it's a "dry" heat. Sorry, wrong area of the country!

  9. Got to love those Key West pets that want to join you. I guess you'd know it if one of those beautiful roosters decided to camp with you. Glad you got to meet Karen and Al. We love their blog too. Thank goodness for A/C!

  10. One of the things I like about the desert is that when the sun goes down we can turn the air off and open the door. We also use our fantastic fan at night with the bedroom window open at night. Never had the opportunity to meet up with Karen and Al but maybe someday.

  11. Glad it was only two nights of boondocking. That is too hot to sleep.

  12. Yup, getting to be the wrong time of the year to be in Key West. Hard to believe the full hookups are still full. Emjoy and don't forget about the Tiki Bar just down from the RV area!!! Great for sunsets.

  13. Too bad your schedule put you in Key West when it's so hot. This isn't normal temps for May though, is it? Hopefully it will cool down.

  14. Don't laugh, but I liked Publix Key Lime Pie the best when we were down there :)

  15. Another vote for Publix Key Lime Pie

  16. I love Publix pie the best as well. But there are lots of good ones.
    It is hard to keep a traditional crust flakey in humid florida.
    Enjoy the Keys!