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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fogged Window Repair

Last winter, the window on our entry door, a dual pane one, lost its seal and became fogged.  Because this window is the main window for Marti to look out, next to the windshield, it was a priority to get it fixed.


We drove across Florida to Hudson, where Suncoast Designers is located.  They are a highly recommended repair facility for RV window problems.


There are over two dozen RVs parked in their lot, which provides free electric and water hookups while repairs are being made.



There are RVs here from just about every brand, from low end entry level RVs to even a Newell and a couple of American Eagles.  Even high end Prevost bus conversions are serviced here. 

Work starts here at 0630 and at 0640 a supervisor met with me to go over my repair needs.  Ten minutes later, a tech came out and removed the door trim and all the screws.


Next up was another tech who removed the glass, it was glued in and required a razor blade to cut through the rubber like glue.



Because it will take a day or two to split the glass, manufacture a new custom seal, then reassemble the window and allow the glue on the new seal to cure, a cardboard panel was taped over the window opening.


Today, while we’re waiting for the repaired glass to hopefully be reinstalled (they recommend allowing 1 to 2 days for a single window repair), I’m going to take the tour of the plant where the windows are reconstructed.  Cameras are allowed, so I’ll be snapping away to show how the windows get fixed better than new.  Suncoast gives a 10 year warranty on their repair, so it should be interesting.

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  1. I'm sure Marti will be a lot happier to have a 'clear' view of PDD days :)

  2. Interesting, and you get a tour too. I was thinking they must be pretty backed up with all those rigs, but if each one takes two or three days, then that makes sense.

  3. I always like to take tours to see how things are done. Look forward to seeing about the windows.

  4. Hoping your experience is one of the better ones. I've heard both results about Suncoast.

  5. Aw, just go with the the cardboard panel.

  6. That is an amazing facility, have watched their pics of the process and I am sure they will do a good job.

  7. We are one of the not-so-happy with Suncoast people for a variety of reasons which I won't get into here, but I hope you're one of the happy, happy people when you leave. Good luck!

  8. I can't believe you just didn't try to install the window yourself. You've learned to be handy at many RV repairs. There are some tasks for sure that should be left up to others.

    1. I did think about it, but didn't go ahead because I have no way of taking the window pane apart and installing a new seal. After today, I found out that both panes had to be replaced anyway because they were too damaged to clear up. I could have just ordered a new window and installed it myself had I known. Sometimes things just have to be left up to the experts.

  9. Well, glad Marti's view will clear up!!

    Since I have just started riding as a passenger and love to take photos as we drive, I need to find a clear replacement for our upper screen door. Pictures taken through the screening just don't work;o((

    Hope your repair goes quickly and to your satisfaction!!

  10. I am sure Marti wants her view back, but I kind of like the look of the temp replacement:)

  11. Fogged windows unite us all at some time.

  12. That repair facility you visited seems like a very accommodating place. When my husband's RV had a similar issue, we were treated with great service and care like you experienced. And that's great that you get a 10-year warranty on your window. Hopefully, you won't have a fog problem or any other issue with your window anytime soon.