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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hit The Wall

Figuratively speaking.  All the rushing to get to Sioux Falls to get the residency requirements and the trip back finally did me in.  Yesterday, with the last 100 miles fighting crosswinds was the last nail in the coffin.  

We have found that we have morphed into destination travelers.  We outline where we need to be and when, then do whatever it takes to get there.  Long days, high miles.  We have not reached the point where we can really slow down when we travel, we have zipped by many things we'd like to see but can't.  One of these days, we'll get it right.

I canceled our appointment with our investment advisor in Virginia, I just couldn't make it there by Friday.  We still are heading for South Carolina and will be there Sunday.  But I had to stop early today, just couldn't do it, only covering 220 miles.  An early day, with more rest and I will be ready to hit the road tomorrow.  Only 900 some miles to go.  Plus can't miss American Idol for Marti...

We pulled off into a Flying J just short of St. Louis, MO tonight.  I often am questioned as to why I take advantage of Flying J's, Walmarts and other businesses that welcome RVs.  It goes again to the destination type travel, the prize for us is arriving at the end of the journey, so we don't care where we stop.  The shades go down and it is home.  A quick start of the generator and on goes the air conditioner, (or the heat) and we don't hear anything going on outside.

It's not a matter of being cheap.  We stay at campgrounds when we arrive at our destination, however when burning up the road miles, it is hard to swallow paying full price for maybe an eight to ten hour stay.  Last night, we paid $34.00 after a Good Sam discount, and it was a cheesy park.  Not even a pool, let alone a hot tub.

We use Passport America parks whenever we can, but often they are few and far between or so far off the road it doesn't pay.  Figuring the Journey averages about 7.5 to 8 mpg, driving ten or fifteen miles to get to the PPA park and then back just about wipes out the saving discount.

Wow, I didn't mean to get so philosophical.  Just a peak into my crazy mind.  Don't worry, we will slow down one of these days.  I might even get a few good pictures of some birds while we're lazing down a river somewhere in our Sea Eagle (have to buy one soon).

There still are things that brighten up our long driving days.  Like these beautiful little ladies:


Rebekah in the arms of her proud big sister, Taylor:

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  1. Someday you'll be lazy full-timers. For now you do what you gotta do! Drive safe :)

  2. Each of us has a different way of fulltiming. I don't like long drives, have only stayed in a non campground place once due to an emergency, and prefer to take my time seeing all I can when possible. Neither way is the only right way. Different stokes for different folks. I'm glad you're not here bumping me out of one of a few COE campsites available where I'm at. :)

  3. We've never traveled long days...even when we were both working. We would just chose places to go that were close by. Neither of us could imagine traveling 400 plus miles in a day. That's a two day trip for us.

    If it works for both of you, then enjoy!

  4. Sometimes I feel like I need a nap after reading your blog.:) As long as you two are having fun and enjoying yourselves, you're doing it right. There's no one "right" way of doing this lifestyle anyway. zzzzz's

    1. Sorry! I'll try to be more interesting with my writing. Didn't mean to put ya' to sleep. ;c)

  5. Sounds like us the first few years...we finally chose to slow down and we love it now! You guys will when you get ready to, until then safe travels!

  6. sleep well! travels tomorrow!

  7. That's how we traveled the first year and a half. But I kept watching all these neat places whipping by us and I finally figured out that I wanted to see some of these things. Took awhile but I think we've got it worked out for us. 150 to 200 miles a day and maybe stay a day or two. But we know others who travel just like you are and that is what they like. Thank goodness we can do anyway we want it.

  8. We still rush when heading from one point to another and especially when we're racing to the kids' place. So, who is Marti pulling for with American Idol? We're almost down to the two finalists. Wait!! I forgot to vote tonight. I have to do that.

  9. You'll slow down when you're done doing what you've got to do! I'm like Mike though. You go so fast, I feel like a nap :) We go 200 miles a day or less and try to stay a week to see all there is to see...and we still miss things.
    It's a great life and there's no rules. Do what works for you! Then take a nap :)

  10. Been there, done that;o)) It finally burned us out. Taking things diffently this time. Just so you realize that you have 'hit the wall' and get off the highway wherever it works for you and recoup!!

    No 'Right Way' to life this wonderful lifestyle, just 'Your Way' that will make it work!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails.......

  11. We landed in Charleston SC last Sunday for a week and it sure does feel good to be put for a while. Shortly our "over commitment" to family etc will be over and then our commitment is to ourselves! A week in Maine - a month in Nova Scotia - a month in Old Quebec - a month on Cape Cod and then 5+ months in Florida!!!
    These places you mention are good one night stops - we found Camping World to be good also and most times they provide an electrical hookup. first come first served. We recently stayed at Camping World in Savannah GA..

  12. I have finally broken Michael of the go, go, go habit unless the horse is heading to the barn in the spring when we are going home to Montana!

  13. We seldom had a "gotta get there by a certain time" destination but when we did, although we didn't drive as many miles a day as you do, we did just drive, park, drive again. We just used Passport America rather than the various parking lots. I'm a light sleeper and folks coming in and out with diesels would give me no sleep at all. Really glad it works for you two.

  14. We talked about that on our blog also, I love our family, but they sure seem to pull you in all directions "well since your are taveling, how about come here for this"
    Like you one day we'll be on our own for a bit, to do what we want and at our pace.

  15. We like to take advantage of those free nights as well, as you said, pull the shades and you are home. It is a nice mix, and allows us to spend more for the nice spacious state parks that we love as well. As far as being destination travelers?? I get that. We made ourselves slow down on the last trip by having 32 bridges as our "destinations"!

  16. We drove long, 300 mile days our first trip to the west. On our way home, we had to really make it faster because I had an fiberart show in N.C. We missed so much as we whizzed by. Whenever John can travel, we will be just lazing along in order to take it everything we can.

    But, now you two are retired with no boss to tell you what and when! THAT is a very good thing..

  17. butterbean carpenterMay 18, 2012 at 10:25 PM

    Howdy Marti & Paul,
    I had a neat comment, but reading all of the others I forgot it!!! Oh well, must not have been very intelligentremental after all...