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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grandkid Ping-Pong

It felt kind of funny to sleep in our own bed in the Journey.  We haven’t slept in it since the second week of July when we celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday at Brant Lake, NY.

As soon as we returned from NY to son Corey’s house where we left the Journey, we hiked it up to Warwick, Rhode island to Marti’s sister Gail’s house.  We moochdocked in Gail’s driveway big time, but slept in her house instead for almost a whole month.  Gail only had a 15 amp electrical circuit for us to plug in to, which just about kept the batteries charged and the fridge cold.  With the wicked heat there was no way we could run the air conditioner with that little voltage.

Finally leaving scenic Rhode Island (and the arriving and departing jets from nearby T.F. Green Airport), we drove 276 miles to our New Jersey “home”, the campground at Naval Weapons Station Earle.

We wasted no time zipping over to see little Anabelle, who isn’t as little as last time we saw her.  She now is starting on some solid foods and boy does she like it.  She can’t get it in her mouth fast enough and had to hurry Mimi Marti along.


After visiting her, we actually slept in the Journey that night.  Nothing beats your own bed.  But it was not to last.

The next morning, we headed out on a two hour drive to Pottstown, PA to see the other granddaughters, Taylor, Kierra and little Rebekah.

Marti was especially excited because one project she had been working on while up in Rhode Island was sewing matching dresses for the girls.  They loved them.


We stayed two nights with them and had lots of fun. 

Today was a typical exciting day, we left the girls and headed “home”, stopping at the commissary at Fort Dix, NJ to restock the Journey’s fridge and cabinets. I don’t know how Marti did it, but she found room for all that food.  Must come from all the practice she’s had stowing her collection of sandals in the Journey’s bedroom.

A couple of chores to be done on the Journey and the Element and then we’re off on the road again Saturday to our South Carolina “home” to see the grandsons.

Not every day is an exciting hike or climb up a mountain, can’t make daily visits to museums (I’d be shot for sure) or shopping (phew!) but it’s our happy life on the road.

We’re quite thankful to have wheels under our home and be able to visit the grandkids often.  I remember when our three kids were little and how much trouble it was to pack up and visit their grandparents.  So we’re only too happy to take that bother away from our kids and travel to them. 

It’s a win-win, or is it ping-pong?

                      The End


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  1. We're so happy for you that all the kids and grandkids are now on the east coast. Excellent job on the girls' dresses Marti!!

    What the heck is that "end?" I'd rate that an 8 for the curiosity factor. :-)

  2. Isn't it nice to be in your own home & bed? I'm sure being with the grandkids (and kids!) makes retirement all worthwhile!

  3. It's just being SOOOOO lucky:o)) What a wonderful life!!!

  4. That's some image Grandkid ping-pong. :-) You make my head spin. But you sure are having a great time and that's definitely what it's all about.

    I don't know about an 8 Mike but I do wonder, what is it the end of or is that of what is it the end?? LOL

  5. nice to see the grandtreasures again!!..the dresses are so cute!!!!

  6. A pink end of what? The judges need a conference before rating. :)

  7. Retirement is about what you enjoy and you guys enjoy those kids. Those are lucky kids to get so much good grandparent time.

  8. Isn't it wonderful to be able to do and go where you want and when you want? I never imagined life could be so good :)
    The end looks like Barney's butt!

  9. No doubt the grand kids will be a major part of you planning as you plot you travels ahead:)