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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marti’s Musings: My top 10– Likes

We have now been on the road for 8+ months, and there are some definite pros/cons surfacing.  Some of our commenters asked what my top 10 things would be, after Paul’s post with the same topic….  so, here goes!  Note:  these are not in any specific order.

1.  The ability to sleep 8:  because we are driven by family visits, we love the fact that we have 2 sofas (both turn into beds, one Queen, one double) and the dinette turns into a 3/4 bed (It might be a double, but I doubt it)

2.  Ice Maker – yup, we both love ice!

3.  Dinette storage – under the dinette seats there is some really good storage.  Much needed and very handy, unlike the outside compartments…

4.  Double kitchen sink – so much better than one big sink, for so many reasons!

5.  Filtered water dispenser, at the kitchen sink…  yummm

6.  Washer/dryer combo – only for small loads, if you don’t mind wrinkles…  towels, undies etc.  Actually this may go on my dislike list, too!  (to be fair, I think I have figured out a way to minimize wrinkles, but that is not totally proven yet)

7.  Steering wheel table – does this count if it is something Paul made/adapted for the rig?  I love it!

8.  Bedroom door -  not only for privacy, but it totally darkens the room for mornings we sleep in…

9.  The awnings – I love that we can (usually) make our own shade. I especially love the small one over the entrance door on rainy days!

10.  Darkened windows – our windows are all privacy darkened.  (except the windshield, of course) This is great and is proven effective with our Hummingbird feeder that we attach to the window by the dinette.  The little birds have no idea we are there, even if I put my hand right up the window (yup, I tried that) and we get an up-close-and-personal look at these adorable creatures.

I guess I will work on the top 10 dislikes, next....  Of course, the thing I like BEST of  being on the road is - you guessed it:  FAMILY TIME!!  We are blessed beyond measure. 


  1. Yep! I agree with your list. Happy Travels

  2. Great list. Looking forward to your ten dislikes.

  3. Agree with most of them, except the MH specific of course :) We like our tinted windows for the same reason..the birds sit on the feeder and we can watch them up close without scaring them it!
    I love our Splendide too. got it figured out after 11 months :)

  4. Interesting list and I agree with most. I LOVE my Splendide, contrary to some popular opinions. There is a learning curve but it works wonderfully and is perfect for 2 people.
    Family time is the best!

  5. interesting list of likes!..can't wait for the dislikes!..and you are indeed blessed with a wonderful husband and beautiful family.

  6. We also love the privacy of our darkened windows!

  7. It would be really hard to come up with ten things I liked and ten things I didn't. Good job, Marti!

  8. Nice job.... But the ability to sleep 8 scares me a bit;o)))

  9. Geez, and here I thought Paul would have made it to the "like" list. Maybe next year.

  10. Did you mean these are the 10 things you like about your Journey ah I mean your RV rather than about being on the road 8 months? Or am I confused. In either case it's a SERIOUSLY important thing about full timing, to love the rig you live in. Sounds like it's perfect for you and your extended family. All the better to reach them and sleep them. :-)

  11. Love your list... our top three on our rig are
    -the BIG windows
    -the real woodwork
    -side entry door to the kitchen area instead of traipsing through the living area from the front each time you want to come in the bathroom or the kitchen.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard