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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Steering Wheel Table

We made a steering wheel table for our Journey.  It is a nice little addition to make the inside more warm and homey.  Originally we had one of the plastic tables we purchased for way too much money from Camping World, it was cheesy, hard to use and unstable.  It tipped over a few times, dumping everything off onto the floor.

Friends of ours, Steve and Karen, had made a table for their Phaeton and gave us instructions on how to make one for ourselves.


It was so easy, even I could do it.  And do it I did, so now we are greeted by this nice accent table, with our “dog”, Tag watching out as well as a picture frame, a lamp and our Sandy Hook Lighthouse memento of the favorite place we once lived.

The candy in the bowl? It’s for the grandkids.  Honest!  ;c)


So how does one make a table, easily, and cheaply?  Read on.

I purchased a round, three legged, 20 inch accent table at Walmart, it was under $10.  The underside has three brackets to screw in the legs.  Remove them but keep the screws.  The legs?  They make good poking sticks for campfires.

I tilted my steering wheel as far up as it would go to get measurements to make the table level.


Next I put the table on the wheel, drew some lines underneath with a marker to establish where the wheel is.  Then I measured the distance to make the table level on the wheel


I cut a piece of scrap wood to the size to make the table level and attached it with a hinge and used some of the aforementioned screws.


The hinge allows the piece to lay flat for storage.


Then, using some Velcro straps and screws, I  attached the Velcro, two at the top of the table,



and two on the hinge piece.



You can see the black curved lines I drew to mark where the steering wheel is located to place the Velcro straps correctly.


Attach the table with the Velcro straps and you have a quick, sturdy location to place whatever you’d like on it.  Cover the table with any kind of table cloth or doily and you are set.


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  1. I'm betting some of Paul's fingerprints might be found on the candy bowl.

  2. Great idea! The table...not the candy bowl. But wait..good idea! :-)

  3. Pretty cool but I bet the grandkids aren't the only ones who have robbed that candy dish!

  4. Now that's pretty nifty! Thanks for answering my questions about it. Now, if I just had a saw...

  5. Very clever. Not sure those of us who don't have diesel pushers would need it sitting directly behind the driver's seat. With out seasts turned around, we don't even see the stearing wheel. But it sure looks nice in the entry way of your Journey.

  6. What a great idea to make the Journey look a little more homey!! Not buying the candy story;o))

  7. Yeah! I was hoping you'd post the directions. Now I just have to convince someone that we need one of these :)

  8. Hmmm ... I think I see another project in Mui's future ... ;-)

  9. Well, thank you for posting the directions! We've been wanting one, and this would make a great project for Eldy!

  10. That really does look simple. Thanks.

  11. great job on the table..who ever would have thought that you would 'type the word, doily'!.. :)
    going to have to remember this design once our turn comes!

  12. Very clever, now DROP the candy!

  13. Steff and Randy--Full Timers since June 2012November 30, 2012 at 7:26 PM

    Oh, this is SUCH a great idea! No WalMart in San Antonio carries this table currently; we ended up getting a FREE spool (from wire sales dept) at a local Home Depot...perfect size at 20". All we had to do was loosen 3 nuts to disassemble it. Covered it (both sides) w/cheap self-stick vinyl tile since it was rough. AWEsome! Made it primarily for our little Christmas tree, but will, no doubt, use it much of the year. Yay for you!

  14. Love the table. Great idea, just what we need. The cat is blowing the horn in the early hours. Waking up many campers.