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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Losing My Touch?

We had mixed feelings.  It was so nice to visit with our son Ryan,  DIL Amber and granddaughters Taylor, Kierra and Rebekah in Pennsylvania,


then visiting Anabelle with her daddy ( son Corey) and mommy (DIL Amanda),


we pulled chocks and headed South to our other “home” in South Carolina.  It felt good to be rolling down the highway again.

The trip was only a mere 725 miles and we decided that we’d break it up into two days. 

Normally when we travel, we are in “Get to the Destination” mode, cover as many miles as we can so we can spend more time where we want to be.  It is a leftover practice from our working days and it still works well for us.  Our good friend Sherry calls this type of travel PDD (Paul Dahl Disorder).

We will slow down (someday) but until then, we’re racking up those miles and long travel days.  Except this trip.


When we’re in the “Get There” mode, especially if it is a two day trip, I like to get as many miles covered the first day and the have a slower paced, more leisurely trip the last day.  Except this trip.

We left New Jersey Saturday morning and set as our goal to overnight at the Flying J near Latta, SC.  About 500 miles, not too heavy of a lift for us.  Except this trip.

Being a Saturday, I didn’t expect to have too much traffic on the Devil’s Highway, also know as Route 495, the Washington, DC Beltway. 


Having lived and traveled all around DC for 13 years, I came to believe the Beltway was a possessed road, you never knew what to expect except you’d be sitting in a major traffic jam at least some part of the trip on it.

Saturdays, the Devil takes off.  I guess he likes his weekends, too.  Usually the Beltway is a breeze.  And I was right, it was a breeze, we zipped right around DC, over the brand new Wilson Bridge over the Potomac River and on to Virginia.  It was going to be smooth sailing.  Except this trip.

About ten miles South of the Beltway, on I-95, it happened.  A traffic jam.  Not just a traffic jam, but the Mother of all traffic jams.  It took us more than two hours to go about twenty miles.  Once the jam cleared up, it was still slow moving traffic for many miles beyond that.  Finally, after Richmond, Virginia, the lanes opened up and we hoped we were back on schedule.  Except this trip, I got really tired.  Began toying with the idea that we should stop.  Finally, just past the VA-NC border,  I cried “Uncle”, we called it quits and pulled in to a friendly Walmart (yes, that Walmart, Syl) and called it a day.

Only 421 miles covered. Am I losing my touch of being able to travel long distances?  Am I wimping out or am I getting cured of PDD?  Only time will tell.

Could this be this be the beginning…


of “THE END” ???


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  1. kudos to you for even wanting to travel 500 miles in one day!..enjoy the overnight in Walmart!..tomorrow is a new day and I am sure that the PDD will be restored!

  2. PDD sounds like a serious disorder for a retired person to have, you might fly right on by the roses you are supposed to be smelling.

  3. You should see an RV specialist for that disorder that Sherry diagnosed. It seems 495 and 95 are often equally devilish :-(

  4. Okay, now where the heck did that little dog come from? I can see that you're getting better at this, but you really should slow down a little more. :)

    You could have stopped by Alligator River on your way south!

    1. That dog is DIL Amanda's pug, Madison. She's always glad to see us and wags that curley tail like there is no tomorrow. :c)

  5. ♪♫Slow down ya move to ta make the moment last...♫

  6. Hey...We're in RoRap too but at the RV Resort instead of Walmart. Since we're visiting family, we thought it would be best to be here instead of Wally World. I95 always seems to have traffic problems. Travel safe and it's ok to slow down a bit.

  7. Kathy never plans a travel day any longer than 4 hours road time and sometimes deoending on the devil that is too much. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. As the diganostician in charge here I'd say that 421 miles still qualifies you for PDD. I suspect in a few more trips the Journey will drive itself between Grandchildren North and Grandchildren South. You can just sit back and relax.

  9. I know what you mean about covering those miles. We tend to still cover them as if we need to get there quick. It's hard to slow down and do it leisurely when you know you'll enjoy the other end more. Sorry about the traffic. We hate it like that too but been there, done that.

  10. And did you ever see what caused the traffic jam? That's what gets us! Traffic is backed up as far as the eye can see, but you never have a clue why.

  11. Hi guys. Sounds like you FINALLY made it thru our area.
    I believe we saw you sitting in traffic just south of Dumfries Road on i-95. We were heading north to go and see a Nationals game. Northbound was breezing along quite well.

  12. We were suffering from PDD on our first go round of full-timing;o)) It took a while, (12 years) to get over it, but we sure like taking it slow and easy now!! Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!!

  13. That is a plenty long day. I wish we could get more places within 100 miles. Safe travels!

  14. I agree with Shoeless Joe

    "PDD sounds like a serious disorder for a retired person to have, you might fly right on by the roses you are supposed to be smelling."

    Just think of the beautiful scenery and interesting things you buzzed right by.

  15. The PDD is still alive and doing its thing. Traffic jams and you still did over 400 miles! A 700 plus mile trip would normally take us up to three days:)

  16. I don't think PDD is a disorder it is a traveling process. After just doing Glacier to Atlanta in 48 driving hours, it was just a process. I did stop and take two naps along the way. I was definitely thinking of you along the way. :))

  17. So am I to understand that you are calling 421 miles a SHORT day??? Sick, just sick.

  18. PDD is WAY too much for us! You must stop and smell the roses sometime :)
    BTW, do you get frequent flyer miles for all that flying around?