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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Touristy Sites

In Boston, there are some sites that you just have to visit, even though every other tourist in Boston is going there, too.

Quincy Market is right near the waterfront and Little Italy and it has all kinds of food shops and stores in one place.


We worked our way through the crowds to try and get some of this:


Unfortunately, the crowds inside were so thick we abandoned that idea and tried to work our way back outside.


We made it outside, almost, but suddenly Marti and Gail came to a screeching halt.  Chocolate!


It was a narrow escape, they only bought one thing.  Any longer and the chocolate would have melted from all the heat.

Outside, the crowds were thinner, but just a little.


Despite all the people, there still were some fun things to see, like this statue:


Put a dollar in the column in front of her and she would move and give you a fortune.


I didn’t risk a dollar to find out my fortune, seems I can’t get a good one from fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant, and they are free. So why spend a buck to find out that disaster is waiting for me right around the corner?

We headed back to catch the train on foot and we came across this new idea, Sherry would approve. Nice and quiet.  :c)


Bike rentals.  You can rent a bike from these stands at various places around the city simply by swiping your credit card.


The lock will release the bike and you can ride it all over the city and return it to any bike rental stand you want, as long as you survive all the cars, taxis, busses and trucks.

We had a great time in Boston, but a day in the city has us longing for the wide open spaces and forests with minimal people.  Thankfully, we have that RV to transport us there.  :c)

And especially for Judy, THE END!


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  1. Yup, the crowds in Quincy Market are a bit much. Great idea they have with the bikes!

  2. Don't tell me you found your last picture in downtown Boston. Nice tour though.

    1. Just some Republican politicians out on the campaign... ;c)

  3. Now come on, you didn't talk about visiting a zoo! Unfair to local 7!!

    I gave up on fortune cookies, when one said I would have an odd sock in my laundry. :P Like that's anything new...

  4. I think I would have parted with a dollar just to watch her move.

    The bike rental thingy is new to me. Seems like a great idea. Wonder if they lose many bikes.

  5. Sometimes you just have to do the touristy things

  6. Touristy things can be so much fun especially if you're watching all the other tourists. I would have come to a screeching halt at the "chowda" sign.

  7. I love Boston so much that I don't even mind the crowds (except if I have to drive there.)

  8. The bike rental idea seems to be popping up just about everywhere these days. Most of them look to me to be of the single speed variety, and it's a little hilly here in Vienna, so I'm certainly not tempted.
    My only memory of being in Boston once upon a time back in the 70s was that it was HOT. Not sure I'd go back there in the middle of the summer. You're brave.

  9. Big Cities make us crazy;o((( But we do appreciate that you braved the crowds and took us there;o)))

  10. Love the bike idea! I would have been disappointed to miss the chowda :(

  11. Think I may have had to risk the crowds for the Chowda also.........when Boston.......

  12. Sorry the crowds were too thick that you missed out on the chowda. Chocolate is a good second, though.

  13. I do approve Paul, you know me SO well! If only everyone in the city would park their cars and get on these great bikes. Think of all the benefits. :-)

    But are those butts really from Boston???

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  15. Boston is a surprisingly great city!

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