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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Charleston, South Carolina

We’re certainly enjoying our “vacation” here in Charleston.  We even decided to bite the bullet and stay another five days.  Even though we already have paid for the month at our “home” campground, it is so nice here we felt it was worth it to splurge and spend the money.

We decided to take a carriage tour around the city.  Slow and easy to get some interesting pictures and yet cover a large distance without wearing out our feet.


The carriage tours are very popular, and not too expensive at $22/person for an hour long tour.  Discounts are available and we got our tickets for $18 each.

We had a great tour guide who was not only well versed in Charleston history, but had a great sense of humor which made the ride all that much more fun.


He even got John, the horse pulling the carriage, to snicker at some of his jokes.  Alt least it sounded like a snicker.


The city has a lottery system in place.  Once a tour starts out, they have to stop at a booth where a machine just like you see on TV that picks lottery winning numbers pops up a ball with a random tour route.  That way the city prevents too many carriages from taking the same route and blocking traffic, after all the streets are narrow in spots.


The city has strict rules on maintaining the houses and buildings to a certain historical standard.  If you were wealthy enough to own one of these homes (I wish!) and needed some outside repairs, you couldn’t do it yourself, you must hire a certified historical repair contractor who would make the repairs using the same techniques and materials from the period when the building was originally built.  Ouch!

But the homes have a great charm to them and are really beautiful.





Some of the architecture was amazing.




I’d better stop here, with limited Internet connections, too many pictures will take forever to upload.  Stay tuned, more to come.

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  1. We, too, live in the historic district of our town, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The HARB (Historic Architectural Review Board) has so many regulations and we cannot just do what we want with our property without getting permits and reviews and piles of paperwork and meetings. It's annoying and frustrating and honestly sometimes we sneak upgrades that they won't see without asking. But never in the front of the property or house. That they would notice. They will even fine us if they catch us remodeling in a way that is not appropriate for the Victorian time period. We have heard of neighbors being forced to unbuild things they have done because it doesn't fit THE CODE.

  2. Had friends in Washington DC who lived in an historic district and I figured out real quick that I couldn't afford it and I'd also hate to have to do everything like they said. Beautiful home though. Love nice easy carriage rides.

  3. Charleston is a beautiful city!! Love all the gardens and little alley ways. Just so much charm:o)) Glad to see you two out and enjoying yourselves!!!

  4. I'm glad you're staying another few days. It's a great area.

  5. We really enjoyed our weekend in Charleston ... a carriage tour is a great way of gaining an overview of this charming city. Our favorite houses were "The Three Sisters" ... probably because of the story that went along with them.

  6. I'm anxious to see Charleston. Your pictures make me want to book a carriage tour now! :)

  7. I can't wait until we can be in Charleston for awhile. It looks like a lovely place.

  8. We loved Charleston - we actually put a lot of thought into settling down there for a year to check it out. We love Magnolia's restaurant for lunch. It's a beautiful and friendly city.

  9. Been enjoying the reading of your blog for awhile now. We were fortunate to be in Charleston for their fall historical home tour, would not want the responsibility for the upkeep of one of them. We'll have to try a carriage ride on our next trip, enjoy the rest of your stay.

  10. That sounds like a fun way to see the city. Would love to see all those old homes.

  11. "Discounts are available and we got our tickets for $18 each." Yes, but was it really worth it to you, Paul, to have scoop up the horse manure just to save a few bucks to stay a few more days in Charleston?

    Thanks for the great tour of Charleston - what beautiful old buildings.

    1. Yes it was because it gave me something special to send your way. Expect a package soon... :cP

  12. Paul, were you assigned the duty to pick up the horse apples?

  13. great tour! We took the same ride-good memories; )

  14. That looks super. It's been a long, long time since we were there. It might be time to head back that way.

  15. Our youngest daughter lives in one of the historic districts in Indianapolis. Pain must be approved, trees must be of the same period the house was built, etc., etc. But she and her kids love it.

  16. Sounds like there are prices to pay for everyone to experience beautiful historic districts. Looks like you got a bargain. The lottery thing is a nifty idea. Who wants a buggy jam??

  17. Sounds like another fine day of sightseeing, love touring new areas.

  18. I loved the bus tour I took of Charleston which probably cost almost as much as your carriage ride. That would be even better. Did they show you the giant bolts holding some of the buildings upright?

  19. Glad you are enjoying charleston. We did the carriage tour as well. It is a beautiful city.

  20. A horse and carriage ride seems like a great way to see the architecture! thanks for the ride along..last time we were on a horse and carriage it was in Old Montreal and the 'stench' from the horses was 'well..stinky?!!' but the ride was good!!

  21. A carriage ride is a great idea, we have written that down for our future trip.