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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Slipping Backwards

My ongoing battle with the Veterans Administration (VA) has been making headway, but recently it slipped backwards.  After getting a representative to really help me with getting my disability exams, it looked like we could be rolling by the end of August.  Then came a letter from the VA…

It said due to scheduling issues, the second of my two August appointments, on the 27th, had to be rescheduled to September 10th.  A bit of a disappointment for sure, but at least there is still an appointment on the books.  So we’ll be hanging a little longer.  Poor Gumby, we’re wearing him out being so Flexible.


I did have my audiology appointment, which found some hearing loss.  That is a good thing because now Marti can’t accuse me on ignoring her, I have the legitimate excuse that I can’t hear her.  :cD

We haven’t been just sitting around twiddling our thumbs, as attractive as that seems sometimes.  Marti’s sister Gail has flown down from Rhode Island to visit and see the area around our South Carolina “home”.

We took her to the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, SC along with Heather and the boys.  Lots of fun things to see and do there.  These birds are the desire of most every RVer, to have a couple around their campsite…right?


Of course we had to visit all of “PengOwen’s” buddies.  Remember him?



There was an aviary where you could go in, with a little cup of nectar and feed the parrots.



Marti even got in on the feeding. Seems like she didn’t want to get too close!


Heather was so sweet, she got the parrots to land on her without any nectar.  ;c)


The Zoo has other attractions besides animals.  They have a twenty five foot high climbing rock for kids…to burn off excess energy so their grandparents can keep up.  We are very grateful!

Owie and Andrew scrambled to the top in no time.



In the Reptile House, we came face to face with this guy.


Something we’d never want to see in the water swimming with us!


Thank goodness for the thick glass!  I’d much rather walk in Crocs than be eaten by one.

The Zoo has several Galapagos Tortoises.  One of the zookeepers was stroking the tortoises' necks.  They seemed to love the touch.


Owie decided he’d give it a try, too.


On to the next adventure!

          THE END


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  1. So sorry you are stuck waiting for the VA but you really do seem to be making the best of it. I know those little boys are very happy to have you hanging around. I want to sit and rub a tortoise on the neck. Wonder if they take volunteers???

  2. Rats!! But at least you don't have to find a place to stay over the long week-end. I'm trying to find something positive about the delay.

  3. Huh? What? Oh, that is what George says ;-) Looks like there is no lack of things to do there.

  4. I think there's something about the nectar and the birds that just mesmerize the kids...the girls anyhow :) That's a favorite of our grandkids too.

  5. Well at least the appointment was only rescheduled. For a minute I thought you were going to say you were back to square one. That wouldn't be good at all!

  6. Sorry about the delay;o(( But spending time at Riverbank is so much fun. We were there last year with all the gang and had a great time. We loved the camels. Lots of young ones!!!

    We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed that this appointment goes off without a hitch:o))

  7. Now you've got a hearing problem? You just got the eye patch off for pete's sake! If the VA calls again to delay this just tell them "I can't hear you"!!

    Nice day at the zoo with the grandkids and family. It's important that children know exactly who their Grandpa's relations are.

  8. I fail to understand why our government can treat military veterans the way they do. It's wrong....totally wrong!

  9. That's not too bad just a delay into September. It could have been worse but thank goodness it wasn't!

    Zoos are always so much fun. They aren't just for kids.

  10. I thought maybe you were going to demonstrate how to zip up that climbing wall:)

  11. Hope the VA appointments work out more quickly this time. Seems as if you are making the most of your time there though. Love the turtle neck scratch!

  12. And the VA shuffle goes, Good thing is, when it's over you'll be all set. Good to see you guys are staying entertained while stuck in dry dock.

  13. You guys have become way too familiar with that area in SC. Good to hear that your appointment was only re-scheduled vs. taken off the books. Hang in there. Those wheels will be turning again soon.

  14. On the bright side, you are enjoying a wonderful summer with your Grandkids. We will be back in Florida in early October- I hope you guys will be coming this way.

  15. If I were in Marti's place I'd ask for a doctor's report on that hearing loss ;-) Mui went to get his hearing checked a few years ago and passed with flying colors, so he can't use that excuse!

  16. Too bad about the way the VA is taking so much time.
    With a hearing loss you can get hearing aides, they work great for me, sure has improved my quality of life. Worker's compensation pays for mine.

  17. Having worked as a local county Veterans Affairs Officer, I know of the frustration you must have, dealing with apt. changes. But the VA is working out the backlog and the results will no doubt be satisfying. Keep up the good blog.

  18. I got hearing aids three years ago at Costco. Love them. Without hearing aids I'm almost completely deaf in my right ear. With them I can hear pretty well, except if there's lots of background noise.

    Glad to hear you're making the most of your time in South Carolina. We know the feeling. We'll be working in San Antonio for at least a couple of years. You sure can get to know a place well in that amount of time!

    Hang in there. Your turn is coming.

    BTW, the end photo is really "the end."